Happy birthday Rena @ Seoul Garden

12 March 2017

Birthdays are such important celebrations. They are a time for people to look back on their lives, reflect on what they have done, and look forward to what they still want to do. They are a day to celebrate a life with family and friends, and rejoice over all the good and bad times you have gone through together. Birthdays should be a day when someone gets to feel pampered, loved and spoiled.

For us the sotongs, birthdays mean coming together to do what we do best. Eat! It is often a time for us to chit chat, update each other on what has been happening, share the latest piece of gossip, recommend each other the best workout classes to attend and the list goes on. Our group wattsapp have been dominated by korean dramas (and handsome korean actors lol), so much that we have started to develop a crave for army stew. Previously, there were no available halal army stew in Singapore. When I saw that Seoul Garden has just introduced army stew here, we did not need to crack our brains to decide where we should have our sotongs birthday meet up. How timely!


Barbeque meat and seafood before the army stew. I was starving from 2 high intensity workout classes. Not really a good idea to enter a buffet spread when you are starving.

After taking all the different kinds of meat to barbeque, we were too full! The army stew apparently came with the package. Thankfully, the portion is not too big for the four of us. I have been seeing the people in kdramas eating this deliciously, I wanted to try it too.


It was a truly good meal. We were too full but what’s new. Lol. Extra happy faces after food! My loves.


Happy birthday to my greedy buddy, Rena!! I was careful in selecting a gift for you because I wanted it to somehow match your bubbly personality.



Hope you like the chocolates and the gift! I still have the cute monster and cute cat she gave me a few years ago. They are sitting nicely on my work desk watching me frantically do my work lol.


It is hard to believe so many years have already passed. I am glad we’ve been friends for so long. Please remain the way you are and time will never put its mark on your beautiful soul! Happy birthday Rena!


Our mandatory wefie together. Thank you dearest sotongs for making each meet up so enjoyable and always full of laughter. Linda, we miss you so much so hopefully you can join us the next time! We like clean tables. 🙂

Meanwhile, please stay healthy and happy everyone. Muacks. ❤