Big hearts @ Alive Museum

1 March 2017

Today we welcomed the first day of March by going on a ‘learning journey’ out. It is rare that we get to go out during working hours for professional development and staff bonding so I was truly looking forward to it.

Our department head has chosen the Alive Museum for us to explore. As usual I was looking forward to photograph everyone in a lighthearted manner.

A short briefing by the staff, but we were too adhd, we started roaming before instructions were given lol.


This was near the entrance of the museum. Needless to say, we had to make Andreatte and Wendy pose like this. I think this photo is perfect for scaring the kids off lol.


I felt that we need no briefing at all because we dived right into it.

Bullying others and disrupting public peace.


Dressing inappropriately.


Pushing the wall aka doing meaningless things.


Can you see how animated my colleagues are? This is why I am just as crazy. This is also how we survive difficult cases and heavy workloads. This coping mechanism has worked wonders throughout all these years.


Occasionally we do get into serious trouble like offending the zombies and getting stuck in the washing machine.


Oh well, at the end of the day we are humans who crave for quiet and peaceful moments.


Sometimes, we do things just for fun, to remind us that we are always young at heart.


Always remembering to do all things with great love even though sometimes it may be difficult.


Even though sometimes things can be extremely overwhelming and we may be feel small ……………………….


……. we often overcome our challenges one at a time. Doing things with great love simply, because love always prevails.


We realized that as a team, we can achieve so much more.


I guess that is our secret ingredient. Our past experiences taught us that to remain this mighty, we needed to be closely knitted together. And so we are.

There was no way I could do all the things I did without this big hearted team. I feel so blessed to be working with a group of passionate people. My small ideas are often ignited by all their support. I have stopped trying to ‘climb the ladder’ because all I want to do now is to make a widespread of little differences in everyone’s lives.


Thank you for always being there with me, during peaceful and chaotic times. Though, sometimes I do wish we have more peaceful times instead of chaotic times (like almost everyday!)


Special thank you to our ring leader, Andreatte, for this waffles treat, and for never taking any of our hard work for granted. ❤