Where did January go?


It felt like just yesterday we celebrated the arrival of 2017 and now in a blink of an eye, January is gone. I spent January trying to catch up and do so many things, I felt that I lost a part of me. My time was spread out to do all the chores and errands because there were too many commitments to fulfil. I was so stressed, I was having insomnia. Imagine feeling so exhausted but not able to go to sleep. It was crazy.

Nevertheless, I am blessed to have wonderful people around me. They made everything bearable and never a day went by without breaking into fits of laughter, regardless of how stressful the day might have been.

My fellow comrades and I were ‘invited’ to attend a briefing session in HQ. We were surprised by what was shared and the thought of making the switch did run through my mind. However, due to the training that I will be going this year, I guess I have more time to decide if I want to make the switch next year. Here we are taking cab back from town to Tampines lol.


My colleagues at work has been so supportive and lovely, the thought of leaving scares me. 10 years of being here and naturally I am so comfortable to keep on staying here.


Our mandatory photo taking whenever we showed up at work wearing the same colours lol.

Annual lou hei and chinese new year lunch. We always welcome any long weekend!


Feeling joyful because of the long weekend. Thank God for this! It has only been a few weeks of work but it has been so exhausting!


We ended work early on the even of CNY so the girls decided to go out for a much missed meal together.


Nothing beats some chit chat time with good food!! Thank you girls for the lovely time!


This support system really has helped me!

The very next day, Andreatte invited us all to her place. She even ordered halal food from Hei Sushi even though I was the only muslim there.


Everything was sooo yummy!! Of course I am a huge fan of sushi and these were super duper yummy.

Even though work has been overwhelming, I am always touched when old boys come back for a visit. It shows that they are appreciative of all that I have done for them.


My weekends in January was spent doing spring cleaning and getting ready for 12th Feb. However, I managed to squeeze to time go to Fidah’s brother’s wedding. The set up was so beautiful, I love all the fresh flowers. 

We were the last few to arrive and they were starting to pack up. The good things about being the last ones to arrive is that, I could request to keep the flowers lol. It was such a waste to throw them away so might as well give them to me.



Thank you Fidah and mum for being so warm!

Going back to spring cleaning as soon as I came back home. Basically I have 2 shelves at home to store all my books. Last year I discarded a majority of my books and only kept the religious books and the sentimental ones. I found my old notes from many years ago and could not bear to throw it away. Look at how neat my handwriting was.


My log book from poly attachment. It is so heartwarming to read such nice comments from my supervisor. See? I have always been an extraordinary worker lol.


All the cleaning and work was taking its toll on me. On the third week of January, I suffered from gastritis and was not able to go for any workout the entire week. I was also emotionally stressed by all the happenings around me, sometimes I just need a listening ear, someone who understands. I do not need someone to give me advice all the time. This cutie came at the right time. Feeling so comforted when she just sat there with me.


Sometimes, animals are capable to showing love better than humans.

Despite busy doing spring cleaning, de-cluttering and reorganizing, meals with the family are never compromised. Breakfast at Brothers in the Fine Food.


Really early lunch at Jinjja Chicken with the bro and sis in law.


We were able to do all the things that needed to be done by January especially the buying of ring. It was not easy since I have fat fingers. But when we finally found it, alhamdulilah!

January was too crazy busy and I was exhausted all the time. I barely made it to the gym and my package was ending soon. However, I finally managed to drag myself one day and it was simply awesome! Reunited with my dance kakis! Getting back to dance is simply surreal! I miss it so much!


January has been exciting but I am sure February will be even more exciting. May everything goes smoothly as planned insyaAllah.