Happy birthday to Debbie!

30 December 2016

They say that if you are born in December, you should rejoice because you are born during festive season. I think it is great because, let’s face it, people feel the happiest in December, with Christmas and holidays so logically, most people are in a better mood lol.

Here we are to celebrate Debbie’s birthday! I just recovered from viral flu and fever so I was in a slower motion than usual.

First time here at House of Seafood at Joo Chiat Rd. Shellout looked pretty good.


The subsequent seafood were all steamed and it did not look as appetizing. I am unsure if it was because I still had no appetite to eat.



Ok, I don’t eat anything with shells except prawns! Fresh oysters yes. When I was young I ate mussels and I vomited everything out after that. After that, I never even dare to try eating it at all.

So I was happy to let the bananas eat instead. Anyway the food was not impressive, it was pretty bland. Oh well, this is the first and last time we are coming here.

My pretty bananas.


Hahaha. We did not manage to take individual pics with the birthday girl (which is a pity) because she was rushing for time, so we took group pics with different poses.


Missed my bananas even though we just met like a month ago during Ju’s birthday lol. I used to see the bananas every week for dance!

Happy birthday Debbie!! This year may you stay healthy, happy and a little crazy because that is what makes you so charming. Also, bananas won’t be the same without Debbie’s humour that sometimes I don’t get haha.


Secretly taken photo with the birthday girl. I thought it turned out well! Lol.

Thanks bananas for the lovely company as always and happy new year! Muacks…..see ya soonest. ❤