Mad with pancakes! Happy birthday little niece! <3

25 December 2016

We came back from overseas a few weeks ago. It seems like ages since we last had a family meal together and I truly miss seeing my little niece. Occasionally, the brother and sister in law do send us videos of her doing random stuff, but it is not quite the same to see her in person, hug her, kiss her and of course, laugh at her antics.

We were supposed to go to the hospital to visit Cik Ati who was unwell so we decided to stop by Paddington Pancakes at City Square Mall since it is pretty near the hospital.

My niece feeling sleepy and still wanting to watch videos. Kids nowadays….


After that she was in a better mood so she smiled for the camera.


Food is here! We were starving from no lunch! How cool is it that every dish on the menu comes with a pancake (except pasta).


Almost every dish here includes pancakes! It can be eaten savoury or sweet. The pancakes are thick and buttery and delicious even when eaten plain.

Portions are huge so unless you are starving, you might to share it. I especially love the fries and wedges as it came with mayo and cheese dip. So fattening but also so so delicious! You will be spoilt for choice for dessert too. It is truly best to share so you get to taste a little of everything.

My little niece! Aww how I miss her smile when I was away for 2 weeks!


Plain pancakes or traditional pancakes for the little niece but of course she only ate a few bites.


It took quite some time for the food to arrive and little niece must have gotten sleepy, tired or bored from waiting. She only smiles for a second while we were singing happy birthday song to her lol.


The dessert was good but she did not eat it, so all of us ate it instead!

Happy birthday little niece! Grow up healthy, smart with outstanding character that will make us all proud insyAllah.11_zpsggk1qupz

Love ya always. ❤

Paddington House of Pancakes: 180 Kitchener Rd, #02-35/36 City Square Mall