Writing chapters with Mich

27th December 2016

This girl, I first knew her about 6 years ago during a course. Her classmate was my trainee but somehow we became closer than expected throughout that course. I don’t know how that happened but I honestly believed we are inclined towards people who share the same interests as us. Initially we had nothing in common, apart from being in the same profession and I clearly remembered her asking me how to start up in a school, how to ask for a room, how to buy furniture, how to work with students etc. I received questions like these all the time from the newer ones but this girl, there was just something so genuine about her.

Fast forward and with the introduction of social media as our catalyst, we discovered our mad love for cats and all things cute. From then, we have visited cat cafes and shared unexpected intimate conversations. We met early this year but things got too hectic and then a series of unfortunate events followed, thus, we were not able to meet and reconnect.

We were finally able to find a common time to meet today, after we both come back from a much needed getaway. Nurul and Fidah were supposed to be here too but they were eventually stucked at work so that just leaves me more time with this girl.

All good meet-ups comes with good food. Here we are at Working Title at Arab St.


I felt bad for not being able to celebrate her birthday because this is one person, whose presence must be celebrated, so please take this as a belated birthday treat! I have been down with fever and flu since I landed 3 days ago so I have not been out much to shop for any gifts.

This smile so genuine that has the power to warm your hearts guys…. (and girls lol).


She is creative too! I know a big hearted and kind person when I spot one.

You know how much this profession changes you when you no longer do things for the sake of monetary reward. I keep telling the newer ones that there is an urgent need to keep a work life balance even though they are passionate about making differences and creating waves. It is important to care about yourself, take care of yourself and have your own personality and identity outside of the job. It is the main key to surviving in this profession.

True, this job shapes us as individuals but it does not define us.

I am sure working and studying is sooo tough, and with all the adversity that we have endured this year, we both must believe that we were chosen for these tests. To sharpen us, to shape us and to prepare us on what is to come.


I learnt from my own adversities and I learnt from others’ too. At the end of the day, we are all stories of triumph. Chapters and more chapters of our story are being written as we live our lives and we must continue to live in curiosity. Victory awaits us, and soon we will understand that every single thing that happened, both the good and the bad, were necessary pieces of a huge puzzle. And when that puzzle is complete, a beautiful picture will emerge and everything will fall into places.

Therefore, filling my chapters with this special one is my privilege. When you feel tired, know that there is one person (and one cat named Mokka lol) always rooting for you from her heart. That person is me.

Looking forward to our next meal and kitty date together! Happy belated birthday.

Working Title is located at 48 Arab Street, Singapore.