Baitulmaqdis Umrah 2016 Chapter 1: Departing from Singapore

7 December 2016

I have been all over the place for the past few days. Trying to finish work, pack, help the parents pack, go for review appointments at the hospital, squeeze in workouts to increase stamina and do some strengthening and last but not least, doing housework.

This trip was only confirmed less than a month ago, after we made the decision to sign up for baitulmaqddis umrah trip for this year. This decision was made after the parents saw that I was able to walk normally almost immediately after the surgery. In this short month, we went for the preparatory courses, applied for visa, submitted our passports, made payments and got ourselves physically and mentally ready. We knew there will be lots of walking but guess what, the parents were not the only ones worried about this, I was too. I have been cooped up at home since being injured for so long, I was worried I may not be able to take all the strenuous walking.

Therefore, I ‘tawakkal’ and left my complete faith and trust in Allah swt. I have done all I could and my intentions for this trip remained the same.

Packing for 16 days. Bigger luggage this time meant that I tend to put more things in it lol.


I still find it unbelievable that I could walk normally, Alhamdulilah. It is His miracle and His plans.

Little niece covering her ears, look at her face! Lol.


I will miss you the most!!! Thank you to the family for sending us. Our flight was at 1 am and we had to be at the airport by 10 pm. It is very late so we did not expect anyone to send us off. We did not want to trouble anyone.


A quick wefie with the family. This photo would have been nicer if little niece did not pretend to sleep lol.


Our relative was one of the officers in charge but she was not departing for a trip today. It was so crowded at the airport that we had problems looking for the person in charge of our group but she helped us. Thank you Cik Zara. ❤


Little niece was cranky (because it was her bedtime) so I had some time to entertain her lol.


Thank you YOU, who came even though it was late and it was a working day. I am so touched you came with your mom. Please make dua for our well being and our health while we are there.

The travelling squad this time, with the bestie and her parents. I think it will be exciting. Le bestie and me travel together all the time but never before, we have both sets of our parents travelling with us!


Boarded. Mum always sit in the centre because she is afraid to sit at the window seat lol.


I guess it was my first time having to sit in the same seat for more than 7 hours after the surgery. I had to keep fidgeting in my seat so that my lower back isn’t too stiff. After 7 hours of flight, we arrived safely at Dubai Airport for 3 hours transit.


Dubai airport is too huge!! We were rushing for Subuh prayers and we had to rush to get ready for boarding too. I felt bad I had to keep rushing mum but I really did not want us to miss our flight!

Thankfully we did not! Waiting to board our flight to Amman, Jordan.


I had to keep doing little stretches all the time to prevent my lower back and legs from having cramps. After 3 hours, we safely arrived in Amman, Alhamdulilah!


I barely got any sleep on the plane and was exhausted but I could not wait to start exploring the city!