Bon in Singapore: Happy birthday!

26 December 2016

You know your friend from overseas misses you when they fly 2 hours to your country to spend their birthday here. Lol.

I was supposed to be in Bangkok in September this year but since I was injured and was not able to walk, that trip had to be cancelled. I was looking forward to some good shopping and eating time because I have yet to step back into Bangkok this year!

Therefore, when Bon decided to come over to Singapore during Christmas (her birthday is on Christmas!), le bestie and me had to quickly work our plan. We met for dinner at Carousel and it was more expensive than usual because it was a Christmas special.


It was worth it because the spread is soooooooooooo good. There was so much food and since I was still recovering from flu, fever and jet lag, I could not eat much. The plan was to only attack the cold dishes lol. The oyster was sooooo fresh and the whole environment was so party-like. This was my first time here at Carousel for such a celebration dinner and now I know why they charged the dinner at a higher price. Their service and quality of food is the best.

Frankly even the dessert spread was so festive and impressive. There was no way we could have a taste of everything!


I know we are celebrating it a few hours early but surprise cake for you!! Happy birthday Bon!! Welcome to club mid 30s. Lol.


Le bestie and me already had the plan to do for her a photobook as a birthday gift last year but eventually we did not make it to Bangkok last year! When Bon decided to come over to Singapore to spend Christmas here, we were thrilled because finally we get to work our plan!

Special photobook for you. All photos from our Europe trip last year. I hope you are not to crept out about how we got the photos lololol.


Now you know how your friends are actual professional stalkers lol. But you love us anyway right? I spent about 3 hours going through thousands of photos and selecting and then editing them and another 3 hours putting them together. It is hard work! I only do this for close friends!


Hope you will treasure the book forever!! I love all our photos because the places we went were gorgeous and so are we lol.

Sunday morning checking out the new Dal Komm cafe at Orchard central. Only kdrama (DOTS) fans will understand these photos.


After chilling out there for a while we went for our henna date. I decided to do too because I have never done this kind of henna in Singapore.


I wanted to bring Bon to walk around and window shop but she wanted to go back to the room to rest for a while before dinner. Ok! Please do know that feeling tired pretty often is also a sign of aging lol.

Korean food dinner was soooo good. I wish we were not too full and can eat more haha.


Monday morning brunch with coffee. Look how nice this photo is, before Bon destroyed the cream and Nurul destroyed my coffee before I could finish it. :p


Saying goodbye to the love hotel lol. Maybe next time I should try to go for a staycation too.


Even though it was a short 2 days, I hoped you enjoyed your time in Singapore!! There is nothing much to see or do here except shop and eat! We spent way too much time eating seriously but oh well.


I am not sure where and when I will see you again and since Bangkok is only 2 hours away, you never know! It makes me sad that I will not be joining the June trip this year, sigh.

Let’s look forward to more good kdramas, good food, happy and healthy times this 2017! Happy birthday!