Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 31: 8 hours in Brisbane

10 December 2015

So after departing from Christchurch, 3 hours and 50 minutes later, we arrived in Brisbane. This was our first time in Brisbane, we transited in Sydney on our way to New Zealand.

It was about 7 pm and our flight was due to be at 3 am. Yes, that is a whopping 8 hours wait at the airport. All the going into different time zones was not very good for me, I often get confused easily lol. Newsflash, we did not know that we had to get visa if we are in Australia for more than 8 hours! Even if it is only for the sole purpose of transiting and waiting for a connecting flight! So, there we were grumbling away because we had to pay for a visa to a country that we would only be able to stay for 8 hours. Thankfully the airport staff were really sweet and helped us.

So, since we have the time to spare, we decided to venture out of the airport. Asked the counter staff (they were also very helpful) on how to get to the city and off we go.


An almost empty train in a city wow.


Actually we thought of getting a nice dinner in the city and the airport staff recommended this place. Love the view but it does remind us too much of Singapore lol.


It was nice to see so many people taking a stroll and simply sitting on the grass and chillaxing. Ok, sitting on the grass is something we don’t do in Singapore because the grass is always muddy or full of insects or ants. Remember that the next time you are in Singapore for a visit.


Stunning lights from the buildings as night enters.


After walking around for so long looking for a nice restaurant, we still could not decide where to sit. It was pretty crowded everywhere in the restaurants so in the end we settled for a quick bite at the kebab stall. We wanted to eat and chill under the sky but it started to rain and we were running for shelter instead lol. How romantic.

Spotted this while walking around and of course we had to take photos here quickly before it started to rain heavily.


It actually changes the colour of its lights every few minutes. With the buildings in the background, it was a perfect place for photo taking.

By 10pm, I suggested we head back to the airport because I was paranoid I was worried we might miss the last train or even our flight lol. After missing our flight home from Seoul once, I am not going to take any chances!

Always thankful for good and strong airport wifi. Imagine how bored people like us would be if there was no wifi.


Also, there were so many charging stations around! I spent a good amount of time journaling while waiting while the girls shop and catch forty winks. It is always good to write down your experiences while travelling because one should never depend on only our brains to remember. Our brains are designed to not remember everything. Thus, I always write everything down.

I am certainly not a fan of long waits at the airport so I was thrilled when it was finally time to board. Going back to Singapore means moving back to the usual time zone and needing to adjust the body clock back is never easy lol. From my past trips, I learnt not to schedule anything on the first few days back because the body is tired and need rest and time to adjust back. I would be so exhausted and wonder why I put myself through all these.

But, when the next holiday comes, I would get up, get out and do it all over again. That is travel, hate it and love it.

This trip has been so amazing, beyond words. I have no regrets doing everything we did and going everywhere we went. I can talk about the places and experiences in excitement regardless of how much time has passed.

That is travelling. You come back to the same country, places and routine but a part of you was forever changed and you will never be the same person again.

Thank you for being with me throughout this entire journey! I am excited to share with you my next adventure in the middle east. Will be back here soon!