Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 28: Working out at the world’s steepest street

8 December 2015

Before leaving Dunedin, Corrine brought us to another attraction site in Dunedin. Here we are, at the world’s steepest street, Baldwin Street!


It may not look that steep from these 2 photos but try walking up and down it.


There were not many cars around and so Corrine and Effa decided to conquer the world’s steepest street by walking and climbing up. Le bestie and me were still exhausted from the hike at Tunnel Beach so let’s just let the younger ones who were full of energy go.

While waiting, we were fooling around as usual.



A quaint little shop by the road. It was the only shop there so we decided to buy drinks from it. They have ice cream too!


This was actually a residential area so there are houses everywhere. I think it is kinda cool to live here because if you feel you need a workout, just step out and run up and down this steep street.

To show you how steep the street was, here are some photos.


It was so steep, it looked like the houses were sinking into the ground. I decided that I should attempt to do a Michael Jackson’s signature dance move here.


Ok, I knew I looked stupid doing this but what the heck! Lol. It seemed that a lot of tourists and travellers do pay this place a visit because there were official signboards like this everywhere.


So interesting. Most of the land in Singapore are flat lol.

Before leaving the city and head to Timaru and Christchurch, we stopped by the public garden by the university to answer nature’s call.


Oh look, ducks to feed and play with. We are always distracted by ducks. 


Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, New Zealand is the world’s steepest residential street, according to the Guinness World Records. It is located in the residential suburb of North East Valley, 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) northeast of Dunedin’s city centre.

Time to head home!