Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 26: Good morning from St. Clair Beach!

8 December 2015

Good morning and we are so excited to explore Dunedin! We are only here for a day so we wanted to make the best of it! Visiting Tunnel Beach is part of our itinerary for today but before that, Corrine brought us to another beach that she thought is worth visiting. It is St. Clair beach!


Parked our car at the carpark and was in awe once we stepped out of the car. Wide, vast beach sceneries such as this always amaze us. The only thing you can see when you look out are the sea and the sky. Nothing else. It almost feel like we are at the end of the earth. Pardon our excitement because scenes like this don’t exist where we came from. There are always ugly industrial ships in sight from our beaches lol.


St Clair Beach is located on the Pacific Ocean coast five kilometres from the city centre. We were told that we would be able to spot dolphins, sea lions or even penguins if we are lucky. Making our way down to the beach. The temperature was too cold for Effa and me so we were walking pretty close to each other lol.


Soft sand, light breeze and a vast sight of the sky and sea. What is not to like? These are some of my favourite photos that I managed to capture. Spot the signature stilts.


Gotta put myself in the photo as proof that I am here! Haha! We had a wonderful time just strolling by the beach and taking endless photos. Corrine must be thinking that she has had enough of us deprived city people who keep taking photos of everything all the time lol.


I guess we were lucky that the tide was not too high so we are able to see the stilts at this height. This is another one of my favourite shot of the stilts from a different angle.


Simply love it. We are almost at the end of our road trip and I am still in awe at everything I have seen so far in naturally beautiful New Zealand.

Next beach, Tunnel Beach!