Happy birthday Juliana @ Working Title

26 November 2016

After missing on two banana birthdays due to fasting month and injury,  I am finally able to join this time! Thank God I had the surgery in early October and all the nightmare of being in pain and not being able to walk ended. So happy to be able to meet the girls. We decided to meet for brunch.


Thank you Ju for picking me up from home. Actually I have yet to fully take the public transport yet but insyaAllah soon. We were the first to arrive so we decided to order first. She suggested ordering this ribena wings. It was yummmmssssss….. of course I like all chicken but this was outstanding.

Expresso was tempting but the girl’s colourful and delicious smoothies made me jealous so in the end I ordered a smoothie too lol.


I did not know that there was another part to this cafe. Anyway, love the vintage setting and most importantly, the bright light from the sky.


Once Hui Mei and Sheila arrived we ordered our food. Everything looked so good and portion was not too big, so I thought I could have finished an entire plate by myself lol.


Happy belated birthday Ju!! Actually I forgot about the no gifts rule and went ahead to get her this personalized notebook. Also handsocks for the upcoming umrah trip. I am sure she will put both to good use.


It has been so long. Suffering from the slip disc also meant that I had no social life for almost 3 months. Even basic walking was difficult, can’t expect to do anything else.


Mandatory selfie with the birthday girl.


May Allah swt blessed you with a life of overflowing joy and an abundance of wealth insyaAllah.

Finally bananas full attendance.


I can’t believe Sheila has a selfie stick. Even I don’t use it and I am known to take lots of photos lol.


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Everyone looking gorgeous. Well, it is time to play?


This Hui Mei next to me then this happened. How do we end up sitting next to each other at every banana’s birthday?


So easily entertained. How old are we eh? Hahaha.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful time! Looking forward to Bie’s birthday next in December! ❤

Working Title Cafe is at 48 Arab St.