Impromptu waffles date @ Zulos

7 November 2016

The thing about not working is that I lost track of days. Staying at home has been wonderful these few weeks. I was able to do almost all the things I love. Sleep and wake up late, leisurely breakfast, helping mum with cooking and housework, journal every wonderful thing that happened, write back dated entries of blog that I missed, reading, taking time to do prayers (instead of the usual rush), it has been a fulfilling month. I would have never been able to do this if I was working because I would be so busy and often come home too tired to do anything.

Also, I think mum likes me being at home so she can ask me to do all the stuffs at home lol.

Furthermore, it has been raining almost everyday in the month of November and I am loving it. Rainy mornings are the most comfortable to lie on the bed and wait for time to pass. I only get up when I am ready, not in a shock, worrying if I am going to be late for work.

Today was one of those rainy days. I had no plans today, except to do some work from home and send it to the colleagues. We have an annual event next week and I have been working from home and communicating with my colleagues almost everyday. If not for them, I think this event could not happen at all. While internet surfing, I saw an offer at Zulos. 2nd waffle for half price and I screenshot it and sent it to the family group WA. My sis in law immediately asked, if we are going.

Usually I would be lazy, especially since it is raining and cold and the bed is calling me, but I have been wanting to try the much hyped waffles at Zulos. They are always crowded on weekends so today, being a Monday, was perfect.

Within an hour, we were already getting ready to meet and go together.

Guess who I met when we arrived at the cafe. Aisyah!

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It is by God’s plan because we have not had the opportunity to meet because of our crazy schedules. Next time we should plan going out properly and go cafe hopping lol.

Truffle fries for mum because she is not the one with the sweet tooth.


Always a joy to meet my little niece!! She has lost so much weight, I wish she would eat more. ❤


You are in my thoughts everyday!! She was checking my camera out and I pressed her fingers to snap this photo. She has fantastic working memory, she would observe adults do things once and she can remember. This is mum looking fondly at her holding the camera.


Colourful waffles!!


This milo malt waffles were good. There were so many flavours of waffles and cake to choose from! We should come back another day!


Anyway, this short waffles date was worth it! I am happy. Actually I have been happy since last night but meeting my niece and eating dessert never fails to make me happier. Lol, I am easy person to please.


Impromptu plans are the best, especially when we have no plans to begin with lol. This slip disc injury episode has been the worst experience and also the one with the biggest silver lining for me. Alhamdulilah for all the blessings.

Zulos Cafe is situated at 2001 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207733.