Happy birthday Nurul aka the bestie aka travel partner!


Initially I wanted to include all the photos of our travels together but just including all the photos from last year’s travels alone was so difficult because there are too many! Last year we had the opportunity to travel to Europe in June and in December we were in beautiful New Zealand! I have thousands of beautiful photos in my hard drive now lol.

Always looking forward to more travels together especially this December’s trip. We did not even plan to go together this December but by God’s plan, we are! InsyaAllah. Can’t wait!

May you continue to be healthier, happier, wiser, smarter and more successful this year, insyAllah! Enjoy the video and check out the number of places we have been to last year! I spent half the day selecting the photos for this video and eventually processing it because I am sooooo slow lol. Also in the video, all our travel mates especially Bon and Corrine who made our experience in travelling sweeter. ❤