Time to exercise @ East Coast Beach

6 November 2016

When I bought the shoes for le parents on Wednesday, I insisted we use them this weekend to exercise. I suggested East Coast Part because it has been quite some time since we have been here and frankly, the fresher air there will do us all good.

View of beaches in Singapore. No mountain view, just sky, sea and ugly ships. Nevertheless, still thankful that our beach is not too polluted.


I insisted we walk for a few minutes before trying on the bike. Reason being, the whole body needs to loosen up first and walking is the best way to do that.

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I wanted to walk for about 45 minutes but Mama was already tired after 10 minutes of walking. Not a good sign at all. I made them do some basic stretches to prevent injuries.

In the end we did walk for 30 minutes and Mama wanted to try cycling to strengthen the legs.


First time riding this seriously. It looks pretty fun but only two people can cycle at one time and only one person can control the steering wheel. Since there were three of us, it was pretty exhausting. I was tired and my legs were like jelly after 5 minutes hahahaha. In my defense it has been 3 months since I last did workout. On hiatus now due to slip disc, I shall bounce back to recovery soon!

Baba is so funny hahaha. Since it was pretty heavy to cycle with all three of us on this thing, each time there was a slight slope, one of us would get down and push. Lol. I am sure people were looking at us but I don’t care!

Since Mama does not know how to cycle on a two wheeler, we let her try cycling on her own here. I don’t know why her legs were not moving forward hahaha.

Oh well, it was pretty enjoyable. Now all our legs are like jelly lol. A reminder that my legs are not that strong too. Leaving East Coast to get some breakfast as we were starving.


Anyway, I am just so glad to be able to walk without pain! I was still a little worried if I may over-exert and strain the injured nerve after walking long distances but Alhamdulilah, no pain today, just tired lol.

We hope to be back next weekend and hopefully we are fitter and better too lol.