Savouring weekend family time

23 October 2016

My favourite part of the weekend is eating out with the family. The tradition is, Mum does not cook on weekends so we will eat out. Today we have some errands to run so we were up early having breakfast at Kampung Glam cafe.


Now, with the turn of events, there is hope that we can still make it there. So i went to research on available packages and alhamdulilah, I found it. I just have to ensure we all stay healthy for everything to go according to plan insyaAllah. Life is never too predictable, isn’t it.

Evening with the brother and family. After taking so long to make decision, we finally make our way to Jalan Kayu to Savoury cafe!


After breakfast we did not have lunch so we were pretty hungry. First time here at this cafe and I must say without a car, it is pretty inconvenient to come here via public transport.

Different kinds of pasta ordered.

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Mum’s black pepper pasta was so good. I am usually not a fan of pasta but this was so delicious I kept stealing some lol.

My ‘healthy’ fish dinner. The potato gratin was good even though I wished the portion was slightly bigger. #hangry


Even the portion of Dad’s order of fried rice is too small lol.


Apparently it is a must to order dessert here. Almost every table ordered dessert. Savoury cafe actually make their own gelato. They have so many types of flavours from salted yolk, ferrero rocher, gula melaka, salted caramel, honeydew and many more. We were allowed to taste the different flavours before deciding which to order. However, everything tasted so good, we were spoilt for choice!


This mao shan wang durian cake was sooooooooooooooooo good. Again, the portion is too small. This lava cake with one scoop of strawberry cheese gelato cost $14.90. Expensive but everything on this plate was worth it.


Went back to the bro’s house for maghrib and I could play with my little niece for a short while. Yay.

Sunday morning course with the bestie. We did not plan for this but truly it is God’s plan so Alhamdulilah!

The more I listened, the more excited I was. I feel that the past year has been truly challenging physically and emotionally for me. My spirit has been broken too many times and I find that perhaps I needed that spiritual cleanse. I am only Your humble sinner.

Since I was too lazy to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast, I had to withstand hunger the whole time. Lunch finally after the course ended. Le parents are pretty fussy with food so we ended up at Ayam Penyet President and Kallang Wave Mall.


I decided to ditch my love affair with chicken and ordered fish instead. This ikan bakar was so delicious I am glad I made that choice. See, sometimes, change is good.

I spent the entire day trying to recover from a horrible migraine. I should have eaten or perhaps have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Even though I spent half the day sleeping and trying to recover from a migraine, I thought that my weekend was well spent. I don’t want to spend my precious time doing worthless things. I only want to create more joy and more happy memories and it is all these precious moments that makes my life worthwhile.

I hope you work on creating happy memories everyday too.

Kampung Glam Cafe: 17 Bussorah St

Savoury Cafe: 246 Jln Kayu

Ayam Penyet President: Kallang Wave 01-23