Spreading goodness

20 October 2016

If you want a meaningful day, try spending it doing something for others, care for the aged and sick, make someone happy and spread goodness. – Mufti Menk

I have been stuck at home for 2 weeks. While I am thankful to be able to sit, do some work, watch kdrama, blog, journal, I still could not wait to get out of the house. Alhamdulilah, I am recovering well and I feel lesser pain from the wound everyday. I am now able to do some light housework too so yay because I could not stand the mess and the dust that was starting to settle on the floor.

At 12 pm, I received a text message from Shikin asking if I was at home. Well, of course I am, even though I wish I am not lol. She wanted to drop by for a visit. I know my colleagues have a terribly hectic schedule and to spare some time to visit me just goes to show how sweet and caring they are.


She came in bringing this hamper and balloon. How sweet. I don’t know why I did not ask who else was coming because I assumed that she was coming alone. By 1.30 pm I have these 4 ladies at home with me and no proper food for them. Coincidentally Mum is out for a massage and will not be cooking (packed food is boo).


I felt so bad serving them only cakes. I will bring fried kway teow for you girls ok when I am back at work! It feels like raya season lol. Anyway our house was only open on the first day of Syawal this year. I was already having back pain then and so we were not in the best of health to receive many visitors.

Therefore, I am so happy to have the company of these ladies at my home! The only people I talked to for the past 14 days are my parents and my cat hahaha. Unfortunately my dear cat would only meow back at me.


I really feel so loved whenever friends come and visit! Cat and Wendy also came to visit me last week after a long day at work. Thank you for coming even though I know you are all extremely busy! It is always crazy towards end of the year. My colleagues have been so patient and reliable throughout the entire period I was in pain while working. I think they could see how I suffered greatly from this injury. May this never happen to anyone here.

Enjoy the remainder of the working days and let’s countdown to holiday? I am so touched by all the care and and concern. Thank you too for visiting the sick me and making me happier. This act of spreading goodness, is one that I will be sure to reciprocate insyaAllah. ❤