Road tripping across New Zealand Chapter 25: Stopover in Bluff

7 December 2015

As we left Te Anau, it suddenly daunt onto me that we are heading to the last stop of our road trip. The past 9 days have been amazing and I wish we did not have to go back too soon. 11 days for a trip around South Island in New Zealand is way too short! Nevertheless, with Corrine’s help, we managed to see a lot of extraordinary views and visit many places that were originally not in my list.

Another great thing about going on a road trip is this. The magnificent views! From Te Anau, we spotted this beautiful rainbow and knowing my bad luck, I rarely get to see rainbows!



We decided to stop over at Invercargill for lunch. Invercargill is the southernmost and westernmost city in New Zealand. We were not too fussy about food because we were starving lol. Found a good kebab restaurant and I had these big plate of delicious and fatty lunch.


We were running short of time so we hurried back to the car and continued our journey to Dunedin. We try to drive on the roads in daylight as we are unfamiliar with the roads to drive at night. I think it is safer this way.

Corrine brought us here to Bluff for a stopover!



Bluff is a town and seaport in the Southland region, on the southern coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Bluff is at the end of a peninsula that forms the western side of Bluff Harbour and Awarua Bay, with the port located in the relatively narrow entrance channel. Credit Wikipedia. 

So amazed by the magnificent views. We decided to go down to the rocks so that we can be closer to the ocean. Since we are already here, why not explore further right?


Effa and me were shivering from the cold wind even though we were wearing pretty thick clothings lol. I was glad I was wearing a good pair of shoes because walking on rocks would be challenging. If you take a wrong step, you will end up on the ground with a painful butt.

I know this too well since I am a natural born klutz.


Corrine said that if we were lucky, we may spot dolphins in the ocean but alas, luck was not on our side.

Love this photo of Corrine picking up some rocks. She did not realize it of course. I have made it a personal mission to capture her in action during this entire trip since she hates taking photos lol.


This view that I am in love with. I can’t even choose my favourite view on this trip because I truly love everything. Truly thankful for all the experiences.

Last stop, Dunedin!