Living slowly

They say the flowers do nothing except to capture your attention and admiration.

As beautiful these flowers were, it breaks my heart a little to see the flowers wither more and more each day. Thus, I peeled the petals and store it in this vase. Your beautiful existence lasts only for a few days but the happiness that you brought with your presence is amazing. If my soul was busy, I would not have notice the true beauty you possessed. Perhaps a reminder to me that beauty simply doesn’t last but the memories captured in this simple photo, will.

Thank you friends for these colours.

Perhaps it is in His plan that I rest at home during this period. I realized I have been too busy working and living life to the fullest that I often crave for some free time simply to do nothing. It takes effort to plan to do nothing because I am one individual who cannot sit still and do nothing. Thus, during this quiet period, I have learnt to live slowly,savour every moment and appreciate all the little blessings around me that may go unnoticed in a rush.

Alhamdulilah and thank you.