Re-healing showered with lots of love

When I went for my specialist doctor’s appointment on the 5th Oct, I had no idea that I would be going for surgery the very next day. The MRI results showed that I had 2 discs protruding out and pinching on the nerve, thus affecting my ability to walk normally. The painful nerve runs from lower back all the way to the feet. It is so unbearable each time I walk for the past 2 months. I have developed a fear of walking too far. I had to manage the pain and my daily activities so as not to aggravate it further but the nature of my job makes it difficult.

Apparently, someone who was supposed to go for this slip disc surgery had to pull out due to unfavourable heart condition and there was an empty slot. I was stunned of course, but I had to make a decision quickly. If I were to refuse this opportunity, I may have to wait till November to get this surgery done. 2 months of meds, physiotherapy and even acupuncture has done minimal. My entire leg would go tingling and numb every few minutes. I am in pain almost all the time, I did not see a point in waiting any further.

So I agreed. Sent quick messages to my workplace and some close friends. The doctor wanted to admit me into the ward on the day itself but after a while, he thought it would be unnecessary since I am young. So the parents accompanied me to do some blood tests and then we went back. Hearty and sinful lunch because I would need to fast from 12 am that day.


I had time to go home and pack.. I had to mentally prepare myself too. Was I nervous? Perhaps, but I wanted the pain to quickly go away. I have been suffering for more than 2 months.

I had to report back at the hospital by 12.30 pm the next day. At first I was going to go alone but at the last minute, I had mum and the bestie accompanying me. In fact, the bestie was with me all the way until I had to go into the operating room. Thank you. ❤

Woke up by 5pm in the observation room feeling like crap no thanks to the GA. I was mad dizzy but I was awake and was aware that the nurses were pushing me to the ward. I was also aware when they helped me change my clothes. I knew the family would only be here at around 7 pm so I spent about an hour trying to go back to sleep. They gave me food but it was impossible to swallow anything when my throat was in pain. Apparently it is normal because they had to insert the tube into my throat during the surgery.

By 7.30 pm I was still not able to get up or eat anything. Forced down a cup of milo, only to have it all vomited out instantly. I was not feeling hungry anyway so I decided to just stick with the empty stomach. I was too dizzy so the nurses did not allow me to walk to the toilet too.

I woke up by 5.30 am the next morning. I am a generally light sleeper so I did really have a good sleep. Nevertheless, I wanted to get up to do Subuh prayers so I insisted that I go to the toilet and take ablution.


First time being hospitalised. The GA was fading off so now I was starting to feel the pain from the wound. It is so painful, but guess what? The nerve pain I have been experiencing for the past 2 months was 3 times more painful than this wound pain.

Morning breakfast of bland food after no food for more than 24 hours.


I was determined to go home today so I psych myself up so that I can walk. Apparently, they will let me go home once I am able to walk. Soooooo, when I insisted to go to the toilet by walking, the nurses were so worried. I had to assure them that I will be fine. It was not easy lol.

By 10 am, the doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, pharmacist have seen me. The doctor gave a green light to go home so yay. He insisted on putting me on 6 weeks medical leave with the main reason being my job was physically too demanding and I needed to rest. He said the surgery went smoothly and even though he is a young doctor, I felt assured.

I had to stop Andreatte and Joyce from coming (they wanted to visit me) since I was going to be discharged. Greeted by these beautiful flowers from Catherine, Wendy, Joane and Daniel as soon as I reached home. Thank you. ❤


Finally some decent food by mum. I know I am supposed to eat soft food after surgery but I was starving and did not care.


I can’t seem to move around too much because it was painful so I had to solat on the chair. Nevertheless, happy to be home.

The start of recuperating. Le parents bought me this yucky tonic which is supposed to be good for healing wounds especially after surgeries. It was so yucky but I am in pain so I will swallow anything. Banana milk from the bestie so yay.


Sunday happiness with my niece. She was afraid to be near me when I was in the hospital, probably because I looked like hell lol.


The bestie came with her mum and auntie on Sunday night and she brought me this! A box of goodies!


Pardon the blur photo, I was too excited to explore the box lol. It was a care pack! Inside were instant drink packets, cookies, yoko yoko, medicated oil, hot waterbottle, yogurt bars, chocolates and cough drops. She even personalised it by labelling the jars ‘happy pills’ and ‘chill pills’. I totally love it! Thank you. ❤

More flowers arrived from Andreatte and SN / Discipline team on Tuesday. The fruit basket from the school came on Thursday. My dining table was half full. The lovely yellow flowers most certainly cheered me up because they were so gorgeous. Thank you. ❤


Wendy and Cat came to visit me after their marking and they brought me work laptop! Yay! It must be so exhausting to come visit after a hectic day at work. I truly love my colleagues. ❤

On Friday, my love Mad and Fay jie came to visit. Actually I received text message from Fay as soon as she was back in Singapore. How sweet. They brought me flowers and a bag of food lol. Madeline insisted her flowers were the most beautiful because I was her love. Lol, ok. 🙂


Since I was cooped up at home I had all the time to play with apps and so I turned my two dears into these. I love the ghosts photo so much lol.


On Saturday, I was blessed to be visited by my two sotongs, Linda and Rena. I have not seen Linda in ages since I miss the Rena’s housewarming last month. It was simply impossible to travel to the west in that condition. I could not even walk without hissing in pain. 😦



I had so much fun playing with them. Sorry for turning you two into old women but it was so funny lol.

They brought me flowers, cookie, chocolate and fruits! Omg! My friends really know what I like! I love the cookies the most! Thank you Rena muacks. ❤


On Sunday I was surprised by Joyce! She did not even tell me she was coming. I was on the way out for lunch (after being cooped up at home for a week) and luckily we were able to sit and chat for a short while. She also brought me flowers and cakes! Omg lol. I can open flower shop now hahaha.


Thank you sooo much for coming and for worrying! I really did not expect so many people to come and visit me. I only mentioned it to a few close friends and they insisted on visiting. Thank you for bringing laughter and showering me with so much love.


Different bouquets of flowers everyday to enjoy lol. I have stayed away from coffee for a week now. The oat drinks and fruits were really useful. Love this coffee mug from the bestie.

I can’t say thank you enough for all the care and concern shown. I felt like such a burden these 2 months especially to the parents who had to chauffeur me around and accompany me to the hospital for visits. Thank you to all who accommodated me. Special thanks to my colleagues who helped me a lot at work. I will recuperate, re-heal and recover so that I can be of service to others once again, insyaAllah.