Happy birthday Mad love

19 September 2016

When the sotongs decided on this date to meet for birthday dinner for my loveeee, I really thought I would not be able to make it. I have been grounded at home, especially at night because the nerve tends to be more inflamed from evening and it makes walking painful and difficult. I would have prefered a lunch or even a breakfast date but my Mad here is so busy, Sunday nights were the only free time she is free!

I was trying to control my activities in the day by minimising walking. Went out for lunch and then headed home. I was still monitoring my own condition and perhaps I was so determined to make it to the gathering, I miraculously was able to walk with minimal pain. ❤

So after maghrib, le parents dropped me right in front of the cafe and guess what, I was the first few there along with Guo Guo and Siok Gee. I thought I was slow and running late lol.


I can’t remember the number of times I have been here at Afterwit with different groups of people but I never fail to be amazed by the food here.



Sotongs are finally here! It is typical of us to be late because we get lost ALL THE TIME. Hahaha. Thus, the name sotongs lol.


I felt so bad I missed the last gathering at Rena’s place but it was impossible for me to reach to the other side of the island in this current condition. So I bought her cookies today. Lol. So glad to see everyone I missed!


Happy birthday to my loveeee!!! Why I call her my love? It is because she treats me like the biggest baby princess in the world! A few years ago she gave me a rose and ‘propose’ on valentine’s day so after that I called her my love lol. So romantic and funny right haha. She was also the only one who came over to my place to visit me when she heard I was not able to walk much. I was so touched. ❤

I am pretty sure her husband gets jealous of our relationship at times. Hahaha!


I was only able to make her a card and give a her a bag of cookies this year, since I can’t walk and shop around much. I shall get you better gift for christmas ok!

Desserts treated by the birthday girl. She refused to let us pay. So stubborn. Haiz.


The churros were perfect for 6 of us. The milky dip tasted so good! Definitely one of the best churros I have ever tasted.

Our mandatory wefie of different expressions.


So nicely coordinated and in sync! Missing Linda who was not able to join at the last minute. That was why the table was so messy and dirty. No Linda to wipe the tables lol.


Everyone’s schedule is so crazy packed (except me who is grounded) so to be able to meet is a blessing by itself. Even though we may have gone our separate ways by going to different gyms, opening own studio and attending different types of workout classes, our love for food never changed. It is so amusing to people when I tell them my group of friends who love food the most are the same people who go to the gym and workout like crazy. Ok, maybe not too crazy now lol.

I guess as we age, priorities changed and we tend to value our health more. We value time more than money, we value our quality of friends more than quantity. It is all part of maturing. Inevitably, it is all part of life.

Therefore, I am so blessed to know these group of friends who took the effort to stay in touch and meet every now and then. It seemed we planted our ‘friendseed’ a few years ago but since we never stop watering it, it is slowly growing into a beautiful tree.

And it seemed, the older it gets, the more beauty it possessed. Just like our relationship.

Thank you ladies for the wonderful time and also for making sure I hopped back into a cab to go home. Also, happy birthday dearest Mad, stay healthy and cheerful always! Your sincere acts of kindness always managed to restore my faith that the world is not such a bad place.


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