All happiness starts with a leisurely breakfast!

15 September 2016

I have been home all week while everyone else is coping at work. It is the start of term 4, known to us as the shortest time to do a million things. When I went to the doctor in SGH last week, I did not expect him to force me to rest for one week. After more than a month of being in pain, I had doubts that 1 week can do anything miraculous that can help me heal. Nevertheless, I decided to heed the doctor’s advice.

I was feeling bored and meh so I asked the bestie if she was available on any day for breakfast. It turns out, she was available on Thursday!

We met at Penny University because it is equidistance from her workplace and my home. Furthermore, I kinda miss the food and the delicious coffee at Penny.


We both ordered the English big breakfast. For the record, I did not have dinner the night before so I was starving. The food was soooo darn good.


The bestie looking very sleepy. Perhaps this photo can be a wake up call for her to sleep more hours lol.



I love that the cafe was not crowded at all. I guess this is weekday crowd? It is always so nice to spend some time in the morning for a leisurely breakfast. All happiness starts with a leisurely breakfast thus I consider breakfast the most important meal of the day.

The food here is still as good. I wish I can come by more often to simply hang out. However I do know that this cafe is pretty packed on weekends and it is so rare for me to be out on a weekday especially with the bestie. We almost never have breakfast together unless when we are travelling together. Even so, it would be a quick bite from the local kiosk while running after train or eating in the car. Lol.

Banana walnut cake. I love anything banana flavoured!


I think we spent about 2.5 hours there. How nice, wish we can do this more often but I start work next week!


Always can count on the bestie for impromptu makan sessions! As much as I love leisurely breakfast, I would love it more if I am healed so that I am free to be independent again. I have been feeling like a crippled caged bird.

I am still fighting! Soon, insyaAllah, this shall pass.