Much needed cat therapy @ Meomi Cat Cafe

4 September 2016

Since July, I have been grounded and so I shuffle between work and home. On weekends, I get to go out and eat but not without being chauffeured around. For someone who crave for freedom and loves walking and exploring places, this was a nightmare to me. It was not that I had nothing interesting to do at home, it was just that occasionally, I need to step outside and be with people. Yup, I am an extroverted introvert.

It was not helping that Snowy has not been coming to my home regularly. Previously she would appear at my door every morning waiting to be fed but recently she doesn’t come as regularly anymore.

Thus, I was feeling down and depressed until, today’s visit to the cat cafe! Look at this This is the sleeping one who greeted us at the glass door.


When we arrived it was so crowded and the cafe was really small so I was having second thoughts about entering it. Apparently, someone was going to propose in the cat cafe. I wanted to wait outside but the owners assured us that it was ok to step into the cafe. So we entered and find the best spot to witness the entire proposal. It was actually so sweet because the lady had no idea that her boyfriend was about to propose lol. We were just watching the couple and feeling happy for them. What was even sweeter was the presence of Frowny, the diva cat in the cat who kept wanting to enter the photos each time they pose for photos lol.

The black one remained hidden in this little tent.


This is Oreo, beautiful grey cat! It was simply sitting in this box quietly and staring into space as though reflecting all his life choices lol.


The friendly owner gave me some paste and asked me to put it on my hand. The cats loved it and will come over to lick it. I was skeptical about it but once I had that paste on my hand, Oreo came by and starting licking my hand! She was not rough at all. It was my first time getting licked by a cat and somehow I felt that my love for the cat was kinda accepted! Lol. #crazycatperson


In fact, I love it so much I had to keep taking photos with Oreo!


Me being annoying and taking selfie with the sleeping Oreo. Good job in ignoring a crazy person.


The diva cat, Princess Frowny who was smart enough to do paw paw and high five!! She is soooo pretty, I love white cats!


I was also able to feed her and she ate from my palm! I like!!


All the awake cats were actually females. The only 2 male cats were happily sleeping and did not wake up even once the whole time we were there!


Remember the one sleeping by the glass door when we entered? Yup, at last he woke up when we were about to leave. Look at his grumpy face lol.

I also love this cat on the left who had curled ears, it’s so adorable but it is so shy, it kept hiding in the tube so it was difficult to play with her.


The 2 owners were sooo warm and friendly and were sharing passionately about all the cats and their habits. I felt like we were old friends talking about cats.

Thank you Meomi Cat cafe for the hospitality and wonderful experience!