Happy gathering @ Arnold’s Fried Chicken

8 September 2016

So the mum and the aunties thought that it would be good to meet up for a short gathering since it is school holidays. Our default place to eat is Arnold’s because most of us grew up eating here whenever we have a celebration.

I was mostly looking forward to meeting my little nieces and my young cuzzies of course. I was happy when all of them could make it. Even in my current state of walking slowly, I would not want to miss this gathering.


This girl. I can see her every day and not get tired of her lol.

We were the first to arrive and we wanted to find seats first but apparently we could not sit inside the restaurant before ordering and making our payment at the entrance counter first. There were 11 of us coming so naturally I was a little anxious we may not get to sit together. I do not really understand why we cannot sit first while waiting for the rest to come but oh well.

The food is here! Default ice milo for everyone as usual lol.


There is nothing like bonding through eating fried chicken together!


Ok I am glad we finished almost all the food. We had half a spring chicken left so we packed it home. The day was still young so we walked over to One KM, mall but not before the kids terrorized these machines lol.


A photo with all my nieces and one little cuzzie. They are currently the youngest in the family and they lived at the tail ends of Singapore so to have everyone in one photo is ….. love. Always nice to have young kids around to remind us of the simple joys in life.

We walked to One KM mall and the girls spotted a long lost relative.


Don’t they look similar? Lol.

Time for frozen yogurt because I needed to sit down. Yeah, it was good that I was able to walk without much pain from City Plaza to One KM mall.


Because frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream lol. It was nice catching up with everyone but of course I was the happiest while playing the snow app with the kids. I think I was the one who was most entertained. Right, I do have a young heart.


Brought the polaroid out to play and give the kids. Always a good idea to capture as many photos as possible because not all memories can be replicated. Such is life.

Till next time! ❤

Arnold’s Fried Chicken: #02-99 City Plaza,  810 Geylang Rd