Saturday dine out @ Al-Salam Restaurant and Tish Tash Tosh

3 September 2016

For my family and me, weekends are the time we bond through eating out. We believe that mum should not cook on weekends since she cooks on a daily basis. I mean, most of us work 5 days a week right? Mum is no exception.

We spent the morning at the TCM waiting for my to complete my acupuncture treatment. Every week I go through this ‘torture’ but I guess I simply have to endure the pain in order to get well insyaAllah.

We knew we were going to have lunch in a few hours time but we were starving from no breakfast. Thus, we headed to Al-Salam for breakfast.


Actually, we frequently come here since it is nearby our place and the food is cheap and delicious. Look at this egg prata. I don’t think I can ever get sick of prata. It is best eaten with fish curry. Be sure to ask that when you come here.

It is also best paired with teh tarik. I have tasted teh tarik in many places but I think Al-Salam has the best tasting teh tarik. Previously I was not even a fan of hot drinks lol.

If you dislike pratas, you can always order their thosei.


Depending on my mood, I order this occasionally. It is pretty filling and I love the 3 types of gravy that comes with it. In case you run out of gravy, you can always ask for more with no extra charge.

So the auntie and mum said that there was some sort of sale at Singapore Expo and that there were imported jubahs from Dubai selling at cheap prices. I was not really in the mood to walk around expo since I still have problems walking for now. As I slowly made my way in and lost the auntie and mum, I saw that they were selling some cheap floral long dresses. It doesn’t need ironing so I immediately bought three. Gosh. What happened to me? I only intended to buy one.

We finally made our way out of there within 30 minutes because any longer, I think I would have bought something from every stall there. Ironically, my auntie did not buy any and the one who bought the most was ……………… me. Tsk.

Let’s go for lunch! I suggested we try out Tish Tash Tosh at Simpang Bedok because  I have heard many good reviews about it and have yet to try it out.

Hungry and sad faces before lunch.


The food is here yay!


I had a tough deciding what to order because there were so many things on the menu that I wanted to try. I finally decided on the chicken rice.  The rice was so tasty that I finished every grain on the plate. They used butter rice and I could choose if I wanted my chicken fried or grilled. The seafood mee goreng (fried noodle) was so moist and mouth watering appetizing.


Thus Baba looks pretty happy with his food lol.


The service was warm and friendly. The owner even came out and greeted us. How nice. I would definitely come here again.


Also, I love this red wall. Look at how beautifully drawn it is! We were happy to leave with our tummies full. Thank you Tish Tash Tosh for the wonderful service.

Al-Salam Restaurant: 457 Changi Road, Singapore 419881

Tish Tash Tosh: 314 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469478 (Simpang Bedok)