Cozy lunch at The Tree Cafe

2 September 2016

Sorry for the long hiatus. I have been around, grounded, but still around. I have not been out much too due to my current injury and today marks 1.5 months of this pain. I was away from work for about 2.5 weeks and when I came back to work, a lot of my regular duties were temporarily suspended. My colleagues have been amazing, helping me carry things, heat up my food for me,  running errands, covering some of my duties and even driving me home. I cannot thank them enough. I thought it would be impossible to go back to work since I had difficulty walking without pain, but my colleagues’ selfless kindness has allowed me to be at work. The degree of pain has greatly subsided and I am able to walk for a longer distance. In the beginning of this injury I had problems sitting down and I could not even walk 5 metres without hissing in pain. I could only lay down on the bed wishing that the pain would quickly go away. It has been a really tough month.

I am better now but I still can’t seem to walk far. I am thankful to be able to walk slowly, than not at all. I am currently working hard to recuperate and recover!

Today marks the start of holiday and what better way to spend the day then having cozy lunch with close friends!

We were supposed to meet somewhere else but it was closed at 4 pm so we decided to go the The Tree at Downtown East, Pasir Ris.


Why is this place named The Tree Cafe? Simply because of this photogenic tree in the middle of the cafe!

I was early and while waiting for my 2 friends, I could not help but notice the wonderful range of songs chosen to be played. It was not very crowded and the sofas and the soft lighting makes anyone feels relaxed. I was thirsty so I ordered my drink, mango tango first. It was so delicious I had to order a second one. Lol.

We ordered food as soon as the girls arrived! #starving


Simple food but simply delicious. The honey drumlets were perfect and so were the poached eggs.

I wish we had more opportunities to have lunch together. I have known my 2 friends for more than 10 years and there is always so much to talk about whenever we meet. Some say that as long as you make time to meet and simply chit chat, you will never really drift away from each other. Eating together is an act of love and friendship. No two people (or more) who hate each other would want to sit together and eat. Thus, I have always felt that eating together is an intimate affair.


My two friends were able to chit chat and play pokemon GO at the same time.  I am amazed by the ability to multi task. What happened to my friends?? Lol.


If only our working places were nearer and we were less busy, we could have more opportunities to eat together! Dessert to end off our date.


Dessert shared always taste better.

Till our next makan date, please take good care of your health!! I know I keep nagging about health because I have been through a lot more health hazards and pain so I know the value of good health!

Also, keep doing all things with kindness and always have faith that everything, the good and the bad, happens for a worthwhile reason. ❤