Halal Navi app for Muslim Travellers!


Absolutely honoured to be the first 3 people invited from Singapore to review halal food and restaurants. So excited to be working alongside the people from Halal Navi. Halal Navi app is an app specially for muslim travellers looking for halal food in non muslim countries. Initially they only catered for muslim travellers travelling to Japan but recently they have expanded to 11 more non muslim countries such as Taiwan, USA, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Korea and Singapore. Therefore if you are a frequent traveller, this app will be absolutely useful to you!

To view my reviews of halal food places, go to your playstore and download the app ‘halal navi’ and voila! You do not need to log in or sign up to read the reviews.

The address and exact location of the places are also clearly stated so you do not need to keep asking me where are the halal restaurants. Yay. I will be adding more reviews soon, so do download the app and check it frequently! Also available from the app, nearby mosques in these 13 countries.

You may also want to check out the website here.

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