Precious moments @ Kaw Kaw Sg

15 August 2016

You know, after so many years since I first got to know my sister in law, this is the first time ever that I am in Singapore during her birthday. Before you jump into the bandwagon and say that I am bad sister in law, please know that I only have June and December to travel. Since her birthday is in June, I am usually out of town and have never been able to celebrate her birthday. On a brighter note, her birthday gifts are often from overseas lol.

Since it was fasting month in June and then Eid after that, finding time to go out for a proper celebration was difficult. Furthermore I have been unwell since Eid and walking around was painfully difficult. Therefore, when I was finally able to walk a little further, I decided to ask everyone out for lunch.

It was a pretty last minute decision because I was not sure if I was able to walk any distance longer than 10 metres but Alhamdulilah, today was a good day.

I decided to choose Kaw Kaw Sg because I know both the brother and sister in law have yet to visit this place to try their food. I love that this cafe is huge and my little niece seems to think this mini stage in the cafe is specially for her.


She looks like she was getting ready to perform? I asked her if she wanna sing or perform and she did this. #supercute


While her parents went to do prayers at the nearby mosque, we had some time to spend with her. She was pretty compliant and entertained throughout.


Another reason why I chose this cafe was this. The portobello (fried mushroom) is mouth watering delicious.


The other food were equally appetizing.


Looks like my dad seems happy with his choice of foodie.


I also love the big table but beware the urge to fill it up with more food.


My little niece is always the centre of attention!


Up till now, my sis in law had no idea what was in store. I limped to the counter to make the final payment and of course to ask them to serve the dessert. A few minutes before this, the staff played ‘happy birthday’ song while serving the waffle in replace of a birthday cake to the people at the other table. I wanted the same.

And tadaaaaa…. for a second she thought that the happy birthday song comes with the serving of waffles lol.


Happy (belated) birthday and may Allah swt bless you with good health and joy always.



A wefie of all of us, I need to train my little niece more on how to look at the camera! Hahaha.


I always treasure our time together so that is why I take lots of photos when we meet. I really miss my little niece so much!


She seems to enjoy being in the driver seat. This girl has got determination!


Simply love taking photos of precious moments. A precious moment is not just meant to be experienced. When captured like this, it can be enjoyed over and over again, each time when we look at the photos.

Till the next precious moment!