Farewell lunch @ Hyde and Co

5 August 2016

I just came back from a long leave on Wednesday and even though I am still walking around in pain, I just could not bear to miss this farewell lunch yesterday.


The reason why I am documenting this here is because this lady here has given me tremendous help for the past one year. She was sent to our workplace during a difficult time. The whole team was in a state of shock and grief after losing one of our team members. Despite being new and young, she offered her help in so many ways. Yup she took the initiative, I did not even have to ask her.

I think I was not a very good mentor back then, because I was pretty confused and could not pull myself together. There were a lot of things to be done but I was still trying hard to manage my own emotions while so many urgent matters came up and added more stress onto me.

She was also left on her own a lot of times because I was simply too busy and too stressed to take care of her. In the 10 years in this job, I have never had a ‘neglected’ trainee stay attached to me for so long. Most importantly, I have also not had any trainee see me break down multiple times at work.

I was pretty sure I would scare her away from this profession but alas, what is meant to be, will be. In fact I remember telling her that there are only two possible outcomes from being my trainee. She will be scared off and not want to step into this profession ever again, or she will be a fellow comrade that fight for those in need.

I am so glad she is the latter!

After giving the team several cafes to choose from, they chose to have our farewell lunch at Hyde and Co.


Being grounded at home for almost 3 weeks, I think I deserve some good food. This dish is called morning glory which consist of scrambled eggs that melt in your mouth, yummylicious mushrooms and fresh salmon.


We decided to order the buffalo wings and fries to share.


Actually when I started this blog, I did not really want to include or write about any part of my job including my colleagues, but after so many years, I have grown so close to them. They are almost like family. Since this blog is about those closely knitted to me, I find it impossible not to include them. This is our department photo / ‘wefie’. You will not find anyone who are more dedicated and passionate than this team. Look how well we sync. Missing Dennis and Viviene who were not able to make it.


Of course we had to end the date with dessert!! Popcorn waffle!


I feel kind of bad because initially I wanted to get Huixin a gift but since I am still having a lot of challenges walking short distances, I was not able to shop for a gift. I got her some chocolates (so that she can eat!) and made her this special card. I only do these kind of things for special people to my heart!


The day is finally here! Her last day here! She has helped me do so many things, including creating videos, doing resources and helping me pick up the boys especially when they are from the 4th or 3rd floor. My knees are getting old and going up and down the stairs a few times a day can be taxing.


As you can see, I have failed to help her gain weight! I think I asked her ‘Have you eaten?’ everyday! I was so worried she would faint from hunger looking at her petite size.


All the best Huixin! You know you are free to call or text me anytime. I treat all my ex-trainees like my babies. Lol.


I will not say that this job is easy, but rather, it is worth it. All the heart pain, sweat and tears will be worth it when someone’s life changes for the better because of our undying support. Thank you for all your drawings! I have always been a fan of your drawings! It is a talent, embrace it!

If not for her illustrations, my story for the P1, P2 behavior awareness package would not have been possible! I am actually very proud of our end product!

Have an enriching time learning and all the best!