When all plans change…


If you feel pain, be thankful because that means you are alive. If you feel other’s pain, be thankful because your heart is alive.

Dear self,

If this adversity exist to make you stronger, stronger you shall be. It is devastating that you are constantly hit with so many challenges, one after another, but this is your destiny and you will emerge as an victorious. Just like how you overcame the challenges before this, you will get through this, even when chances seem slim.

Dear self, stay calm and be patient. Perhaps this adversity is meant to teach you patience, a quality that you still lack. It may be to teach faith, in Allah swt, in people around you and most importantly, in yourself.

اللهم اخرجني من الظلمات إلى النور

Oh Allah take me out of darkness and into the light.

Ya Rabb, if you have planned for me to go through adversity again, I shall fully accept, I hope You will reserve for me some happiness and peace of mind in the near future, insyaAllah.

All my plans have currently been cancelled and that includes going overseas and going for courses. I was severely upset because of this and my biggest hope now is to recover as soon as I can, so that I will not need to cancel my trip in November, which will require me to be able to walk.

Thus, my only plan now is to be healed quickly so I can do my job and unburdened my colleagues who have been such a big help. Please include me in your prayers.

Photo taken in Chexbres Village, Switzerland in June 2015