Whole foodie day @ Kallang Wave Mall

23 May 2016

I look forward to weekends because it means time together with the family. Here in the car on the way to Kallang Wave Mall. Look how excited my little niece is!


We decided to dine at Ayam Penyet President. It was our first time here and heard good reviews about this place. Please pardon me and my obsession with eating chicken.


Kallang Wave Mall is a pretty new mall and I love the view. This view can be enjoyed when you are eating in any restaurants along Ayam Penyet President. Since it was a pretty cloudy day, we decided to take a walk outside.


I wish Singapore’s weather was slightly colder because despite the cooler (than usual) weather, it was still pretty hot. A few minutes outside and we were all craving to be back in an air con place.

I brought my little niece into the different shops and she really seemed to enjoy roaming around. I mean, she JUST started walking so obviously she was excited to explore everything. Isn’t she the cutest?


She loved the huge mirrors!


After walking around for a while, she suddenly tucked her head to my legs like this and refused to let go. Lol. I am not sure what is the trigger for this sudden unexpected behavior but I most certainly do not mind if my niece is clingy to me. She is my one and only niece after all.


Time for dessert after all that walk.


We had some time so we decided to check out the water playground on the rooftop. Check out the gorgeous view of the city from the rooftop.


The water playground, it wasn’t too big but it was better than nothing. My niece is obsessed with water play lol. Look at her enjoying herself without a care in the world.


The good thing about this water playground is the presence of the life guards. They actually stopped all the kids from playing when there was lightning alert. I did not know that life guards exist at small water playground such as this but I guess it is a good safety measure.

After an hour, we had to rush back for prayers so we drove home. We were wondering what to have for dinner and so my sis in law suggested this place called The Cheese Steak shop at Kallang Wave Mall. We are not big eaters for dinner so we thought it would be good to have some light sandwiches.

It was funny going back to the same place at night but we wanted to try out the food. Waiting for our food! I love the sarcastic slogans such as these lol.


We ordered two meals and shared. May I say that I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the cheese fries. You can win my heart anytime with cheese fries. #fatty


I love Sundays when we are free to do anything on impulse.

The Cheese Steak Shop: No. 1 Stadium Place, #01-10 Kallang Wave Mall, Sports Hub