For the love of cats!

2 June 2016

An open secret that I have is that I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee cats. Ironically, I have never own a cat in my life. My parents have never allowed me to keep a cat at home and I never really understood why. They bring me so much joy! Due to my deprivation of cat love, I used to play with the neighbourhood stray cats.

There was one cat in particular who would often wait around for me to come home and will eventually follow me home. I liked the cat so much, I bought cat food to feed it. It became a habit. The cat would stop by my place in the morning to be fed and I would spend some time playing with it. Since it was just hanging around at the door, my mum figured it was fine.

When I moved to the current place, I figured that I would not have any more cats to play with but guess what? A beautiful white cat followed me home and kept hanging around my place. I did not even feed it, I simply played with it for a while each time I see it. I truly have no idea how they figured out where I live. Perhaps the cats are stalkers, watching my every move and figuring out what time I reach home. Perhaps it was all a part of a master plan. To find out which humans to stalk and then act all cute so that they will be loved and fed. Lol.

Anyway, no one really understood my obsession with cats. Until, these two came along. We met in a course many years ago and found out about our cat obsession by chance.

This holiday, we decided that we should meet up for a cat therapy session. Michy has just gotten herself a new cat and she is also taking care of 3 little kittens while waiting for them to be fostered.


Look how adorable!!

Shuk and me were absolutely thrilled to see these little kittens. We could not wait to play with it.


Look at the crazy cat man. This friend of mine stalks cats. Yeah, I am not kidding. He would watch their actions from his window and takes photos and videos of them. Hahaha.

It was actually not easy tying to take photos with the kittens because they were too active! They were running around and playing with each other throughout the entire time we were there.


Awww I miss playing with kittens. How can anyone not love them?


Michy works with another friend who rescues stray cats from the streets. She cleans them, baths them, feeds them and takes care of them until a family is ready to adopt them.

I can never do what Michy does. Not only because I am actually allergic to cat fur, I would get too attached to the kittens and letting them go would be difficult.


However, Michy also has her own cat. Here is Mokka!


Even though it is a male cat, it was so timid! It refused to get out from under the table, thus only observing us form afar. It eventually came out after being lured with food.


So adorable. I cannot even take decent picture as it was scared of us! The most adorable was when it hid its face in my arms!

We decided not to bully Mokka too much, so we went back to playing with the kittens. I do not know how to describe how happy it made me seeing the kittens running around, meowing, and toppling over everything in their sight.


‘A cat purring on your lap, is more healing than any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.’ – St. Francis 

This is also the reason why I get so angry whenever I see any animal abuse cases in the news. I can never fathom how anyone can have the heart to hurt another creature?


Did you know that petting cats decreases your blood pressure? Thus, I am convinced that the presence of cats is to keep humans company and bring them lots of joy.

‘The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard cats.’ 


Thank you my crazy cat gang. We ended our day with food of course! I truly had a wonderful time and forgot all my challenges. I really think I had all the ingredients for a good therapy session. Cute cats, good friends and delicious food.

Can’t wait for our next cat therapy session!