Dinner with my loves @ Hyde and Co

26 May 2016

After the late lunch with my lovely colleagues, I headed over to Sultan Mosque for Asar and Maghrib prayers. It is always so nice and peaceful to spend some quiet time in the mosque. I am so glad that they finally build the lift up to the ladies’ musollah because climbing the stairs up to the third floor with my 60 year old knee was always a challenge.

I love my first visit to Hyde and Co so much that I suggested that we meet there. Lovely Joyce and Dinosaur Francis, my two lovely company for dinner.


I have not seen both of them so for soooo long. We used to meet on a weekly basis for classes and workout so of course I miss them.

I had no idea that the dinner menu was different. The last time I was here, I was gawking at all the yummies in their breakfast all day menu.


No food for me as I was still full from late lunch. However, the displayed red velvet scones were so attractive, I could not resist trying it.


It was sooooo good, this photo does not do it justice. I think my special talent is to be able to eat even when I am full. Sobs.

I can’t believe Joyce ordered cake and wanted us to share. I am already full.


I can’t say no to cake!!

The thing about being friends for so many years, we have seen each other in the best and the darkest of times. I treat Joyce like my godmum because she never fails to pamper me and call me ‘sayang’. She is the only who calls me this! Lol. Of course Dinosaur Francis here is like an elder brother I never  had. I think we spent half the time arguing and another half bullying each other. Even during the dinner I accidentally kicked him so many times under the table. Please pardon my long legs. Hahaha!


Also, we are here to celebrate Dino’s birthday and also to wish him all the best for competition!! This Dinosaur has entered so many competitions throughout the years, we have lost track lol.


Happy birthday and stay healthy and happy! Yes, most importantly, stay injury free! Staying injury free for us is almost an impossible thing.

Thank you for tonight and bring back the medal as usual!