Road Tripping Around New Zealand Chapter 22: Evening walk around Te Anau town

6 December 2015

Warning: Excessive photos of birds!

The wonderful thing about travelling during summer is that I always feel that we have more time to explore places. Last year, I was in Switzerland and we could make day trips and be back in our apartment before the sun sets. It was amazing how many places we could visit and still be back in time for dinner.

The same thing today. Even though we have explored and had quite an adventure exploring the various beauties of nature today while being on the road to Milford Sound, we were back in Te Anau town by 4.30 pm. We had our very late lunch and early dinner (we gobbled everything in the menu!) and went back to our room to rest for a while. Corrine, who was still energetic decided to go out and explore Kepler Track and Effa prefered to stay in.

The bestie and me decided to do our favourite activity while travelling, feeding the birds!


It took us about 5 minutes to walk from our room to the lake but looks like the birds are gathered a little further down the lake.


We had a big packet of bread ready so look at how the birds sensed that we had food for them. Look how they are all looking at us. I feel popular!


The ducks came a little later but we felt sorry for them for being slower than the seagulls, so we threw some food into the water for them. All the birds are always fighting for food and the slower ones usually get none.


For me, perhaps it is the opportunity to take a nice walk by the lake, with the wind messing my scarf brushing against my face and the appetizing greenery that feed my eyes. Sometimes living in the city can be suffocating mainly due to the existence of concrete everywhere. It is always refreshing to be near the trees, walk on grass and breathe the fresh air.


Perhaps that is why I personally love small towns, quaint villages and untouched places of nature. I secretly dream of staying near a place like this in my golden years.


Of course another additional factor why it was such a pleasant walk was because of the lovely weather. It was sunny, yet it was cooling. Try taking a walk in Singapore, you will perspire within 10 minutes!


There were also hardly any cars on the road. Perhaps everyone was already indoors by this time?


No one around. We could sing aloud and dance like a crazy person and no one would cared….. I think. Lol.


Something interesting caught our eyes.


So there is a plane service for those who are interested! How nice! Prior to the trip, I was hoping to experience a helicopter ride to explore places such as Mount Cook and Milford Sound but we did not manage to do it due to unpredictable weather. Anyway, this place was closed so we did not manage to get any information.


As it was getting more and more chilly, we decided to walk back slowly. Being able to walk slowly is a privilege. In high paced country like where I came from, everyone walks like they are in a hurry. As a kid, I often wondered where all the adults were rushing to and before I could solve that mystery, me as the adult, was doing the exact same thing.


We are leaving Te Anau tomorrow. How I wish we could stay here a little longer. That is exactly how I feel each time we leave a nice place and it has been this way the entire time throughout this road trip!


Thus, let me just leave a piece of my heart here. Goodbye Te Anau, you have been so hospitable and lovely beyond my expectations.