Road Tripping Around New Zealand Chapter 21: Nature beauty in Mackay Creek

6 December 2015

We were on the way back to Te Anau and looking at Milford Sound map, it seemed that we have passed by all the pit stops. However, while driving, Corrine noticed something so colourful and thought it might be a good idea to go check it out. Of course we were game for it.

We parked the car and apparently we stumbled upon an outdoor camp area. However there was no one around except us.


This is a standard campsite in northern Fiordland. It is quiet campsite with views of the Eglinton Valley. You can find the exact location and details here. 


The road less traveled is for those who seek daring adventures.


The more we walked and explored, the more we were awed by the scenery.


The lupins were the ones that attracted us here. It is always great to keep your eyes open when you are on the road in New Zealand, you never know where and when you will find a hidden gem such as this place.


It was so peaceful and calm, we had to pretend we were in a music video or photoshoot. Seriously, this is not something we can see everyday in our country.


The nice cold water was so clean, perhaps it is also safe for drinking since it’s from the mountains.


Can you see how clear the water is? Despite the sunny weather, the water was freezing cold.


Now I can see why this place is chosen for a camp site. You have privacy and you can easily wash up at the stream. Imagine waking up to this serenity in the morning.


Absolutely gorgeous. We could not help but take 1000 photos here lol. Each time we are blessed with such great weather, I cannot help but feel thankful.