Cat therapy @ Cat Safari

29 May 2016

So the bestie thought that it would be good to visit the Cat Safari today. We have been wanting to go for ages but our schedules have been too packed these few months. Perhaps she sensed that I have been grouchy and whiny these past few weeks and it would do me good to get some kitty intervention.This is because I whine to her almost everyday.

The place was slightly further than our usual hangout place so we had to take a cab there.

Upon arrival, we were given a short briefing about basic rules like no carrying the cats, no flash photography and no forcing the cats to do anything they do not want too. Fair enough, it is the same rules at cat cafes.


We were told there were 39 cats in the room! Wow! I have never been in the same room with this many cats! I was ecstatic. We were also informed that most cats are rescued cats, either from sickness, or from abusive owners. Others were simply abandoned and got sick, while others were sick and were left to die.

Being an animal lover of course this really saddens me. I wanted to see what I can do to help.

It was 4.15 pm and looks like most of the cats were napping.


I wish I was napping like them too. These two caught my eyes. Look how cozy they looked


Of course, there were some who were awake yet looked sleepy too.


I have a soft spot for white cats so this caught my eye too.


Most of the cats were aloof and were minding their own businesses but this one came to me and even sat on my lap! This is the first level of acceptance to the cats! Lol.


She was getting all comfortable sitting on my lap and even tried to nap there. Nice. Perhaps word got around and another one came to me as well.


This cutie was not only sitting on my lap, she was playing with my dress! Yes! She was pressing her paws on my lap and clawing her way into my dress, I had to stop her halfway. I would love to let her play and destroy my dress but I have no extra clothes with me. Lol. I absolutely love her folded ears!

I was not lucky with the rest. Most wanted to sleep, stay in their aloof world while others ignored me. I shall win your hearts soon……….


The bestie looked like she was having a good time as well. She was in love with this ragdoll and kept following her around lol. This is a big jump for the bestie as well, who was initially terrified of cats. I remember dragging her into a cat cafe in Seoul even though she was reluctant. Throughout the years, she has grown a liking to them and that is one of my success as a crazy cat person. To convert everyone to cat lovers.


Some even went to her voluntarily but I did warn her about how the cats may be targeting her dress.

This beautiful one was at the same spot throughout! She was not sleeping but looking around at everything that was going on around her.


I started to massage her face and she seemed to enjoy it. However, every now and then, she would stare at my face. She really looked like my old cat, Bedah, lost more than 10 years ago. I was a mess when she did not come home and I still wonder what happened to her till today. She was with me for a few years and I think having her around was one of the reasons why I stayed sane and got myself out of depression.


She has the same beautiful face. I guess Bedah will always own a piece of heart, regardless of how time passed.

Meanwhile, someone else was curious on the contents of my bag!


I also had to stop him before he started taking out my dirty clothes from the gym. Look how comfortable he was sitting on my lap while going through my bag lol.

Look at this brave one.


It was sitting high up on one of the shelves when I arrived. Initially I thought it was an old cat but Ben told me the story behind this cat and it was heartbreaking.

This cat is only 6 years old and when he was rescued, he was simply sitting in a corner of the house waiting to die. One of his ears were swelling and the owner was in the process of moving out and what better way to get rid of a sick cat then to just let it die?

Gosh. How could anyone be so heartless. Imagine the pain this poor guy went through. Cats have feelings too.

Anyway, thanks to the guys behind Cat Safari, they took him in, sent him for medical treatment for his cancerous tumour and here he is today, still surviving and living life. He is pretty big boned but all the pain and trauma has caused him to be skinny. Hopefully with better care, food, medication and love, this brave little guy can continue to grow healthily.


Some other cats also looked pretty skinny, I am sure they were also rescued. I am glad they have a home now.


Since 2011, Voices for Animals (VFA) has been rescuing and rehoming ex-breeding dogs and cats that are past their reproductive prime and retired by breeding facilities.

The Cat Safari is open to public on weekends. Entry fee is only $5 for an hour. On weekdays, the Cat Safari is only open to the needy like people with special needs, elderly, the terminally ill and people with emotional and mental difficulties The big hearted people behind Cat Safari believed that being around these cats is like therapy for these people who may need more help than what humans can offer them. Stroking cats have also been proven to lower one’s blood pressure, not just for humans, but also for the feline creatures too.

If you have been feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts, you should do yourself the favour of coming here.


You may just feel better. I did.

Cat Safari Singapore: 110 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah.