Hanging with the sisters @ Flavour Flings

6th May 2016

It is Aishah’s last week here at our workplace so we needed to celebrate her end of practicum right? It was funny how this decision came up while we were all outside the school gate on the way home.


Yup, we took selfie near the traffic light with cars and buses passing by every 5 seconds. This is the best way to gain attention from everyone in the cars and buses passing by lol.

I do not know how it happened but in the past few years I have gotten close to all the sisters in hijab in the same workplace. There is not many of us yet we unite in different ways like how to tie your tudung in different styles or which shop is selling the coolest clothes. Sometimes we discuss about what are the various healthy food to eat so that we can lose weight but unfortunately these plans were often abandoned before it were actually carried out.

Sometimes, through this unspoken unity, we unknowingly dressed in the same colours and outfits. Thus, the mandatory photo taking.


We decided that work has been too crazy and we deserve to go out and eat good food! Therefore, we went to Flavour Flings!


Quietly tucked away in a neighbourhood, you may miss this cafe when you walk pass it. It is situated next to a coffee shop, which is far domineering in noise and crowd. However, if you are looking for quiet time while enjoying good quality food, this is the place for you.

Aishah! Our time together was too short! Check out that look of relief!


Our appetizers are here! Salted egg yolk croissants! We did not want to be greedy so we ordered only 3 for the 6 of us.


Cold caffeine fix on hot afternoon.


My personal favourite. Salted egg yolk fries with cereal. It was so delicious I could have finish the entire bowl myself lol.


We ordered other main courses too. There is an all day breakfast menu which is much loved!


Always nice to chit chat over food. We rarely get to do that at work because everyone is so busy.


I wished more could join us. We should definitely gather again soon!


All the best Aishah! May you continue to touch the lives of little people called children. Visit your babies (us hahaha) when you can!

Flavour Flings is located at Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1348, 530121.