Goodbye Langkawi!

2 May 2016

We had to be up really early this morning because our flight was at 8.55 am. I wanted a later flight back so that I can spend more time here but unfortunately there was only one flight to Singapore and it is in the morning.

We were also told that we had to be at the airport 2 hours before departure, thus, by 6.30 am, we were already leaving the resort. My sad face. If only I could witness the beautiful sunrise one more time.


Waiting to return our rented car. Guess who I met while waiting? A cat friend!


It turned out that we were so early that the gates were not opened yet lol. Quick breakfast because we were starving.


I guess it it ok to be early for a flight than late. Spotted this beautiful reading corner at the airport. The only thing missing are…….. books. 🙂 #bringyourownbook


Time to say goodbye. Thank you Langkawi for the memories. It was short but enjoyable stay.


As usual, behind every trip lies many hidden lessons. Never under-estimate the impact of your trip, regardless of how short or near it is.


Happy to be home early and look who was there to greet us? My little niece. ❤