Chasing sunrise in Langkawi: Driving around the island

1st May 2016

Waking up early to this reddish sky. ❤


So love the fact that we can simply walk to the balcony and watch the sky changes colour while greeting the morning sun. Even my dad was trying to capture it on his phone lol.


Sunrise is another opportunity to create memories.


We were rolling around in bed chilling. I have always wanted to sleep till late whenever I am on vacation but I can never seem to do that. Perhaps my eyes feel it is a waste to spend the hours sleeping.

Getting ready for breakfast.


We decided to have our breakfast at the hotel because we were too lazy to search for a place to eat. This is a vacation anyway, we are allowed to be lazy!


The buffet spread was not that exciting but enough to keep our tummies full. We decided to walk around for a while to explore and take photos.


My dad is a very obedient model. Lol.


After a short discussion we thought that it was hassle to keep hailing for a cab so we decided to go rent a car.

I am sitting in front because I was in charge of reading the map and being the co-pilot! #likereal


First destination of the day was ‘Idaman Suri’, a paradise for the housewives. It is a place where you get all your utensils, fancy and simple ones.


Stopping by the shops by the street for some hot snacks! Keropok and goreng pisang!


Our second stop was Tanjung Rhu beach! There were people playing water sports despite the weather being so darn hot.


Next, we explored Teluk Ewa jetty! This place would have been so beautiful if it was clean. Unfortunately, we could see litters everywhere. Mostly plastic bottles, packets of food, plastic containers, gosh, don’t people know that plastic is non-biodegradable?


There were also abandoned boats. I am unsure how long they have been there but they do look rusty and dingy. Oddly, there was a food stall like 10 metres away from all these. I would not want to buy any food from a place full of trash. Is it normal?


From here, we could see the kelong.


It was low tide so we could see more trash on the ground. Sigh, I always wonder why people litter especially when they live nearby.

We went back for a while to rest before heading out for dinner. I thought we should have a seafood dinner so here we are.


This restaurant allows you to choose your own seafood. They will then cooked it right there so the seafood you eat is fresh. The price of the dish will depend on the weigh of the fish / prawns so be sure to ask how much before happily making your choice lol.


The food was really good but I kinda feel sorry for the fish and tiger prawns whose lives were shortened because of us.

When we returned it was starting to get dark. I was slightly sad that they day went by too fast.




Nevertheless, I had great fun driving around the island. We really went around the island making pit stops occasionally. It is always nice to be on the road exploring when they are not many cars by the road.


Even though this was super duper short trip, I was still glad we made it. Resort World Langkawi was up to my expectations and I will definitely recommend you to stay there when you visit Langkawi. Calming view from your balcony and helpful staffs made our stay pleasant.

I was upset for not being able to travel in March so this trip was a small compensation for me. Thank you Langkawi, I will definitely come back to explore more but perhaps not in the next few years. 🙂