Chasing sunrise in Langkawi: Sunset boat cruise

30 April 2016

We arrived at the resort at 3.30 pm. Our resort was the last on the road of ‘Pantai Cenang’. There was no way anyone could simply walk from the highly populated area with restaurants and shops to our resort. I had no idea that it was so far.

Oh well, we had to wait for a while at the reception. The lady informed us that the sunset boat cruise which we were entitled to, were set to leave at 4.30 pm. We wanted to go for our cruise on Sunday but it was all fully booked. Thus, we had no choice but to rush.

Since we were in such a hurry to check in and quickly do zohor prayers, I did not manage to even take a photo of the room.

Love that the our room was facing the sea.


It was a miracle that we were ready by 4.30 pm! Also, we were glad that it was only an 8 minutes walk from our room to the jetty.


The walkway and my mum.


The number of failed jump shots, because my mum did not know the exact second to press the button. Thus, I jumped in vain.


We actually had to wait for a while. We only started to board at 4.45 pm. All the rush for nothing.


We were directed to board a smaller boat, one that could fill up to 12 people. I was a bit confused because the boat was truly too small for us to enjoy any sunset and there was definitely no space for dinner.

The view of the little islands around the resort.


Our resort from a distance!


Actually the little boat was only there to ferry us to a bigger boat. Oh well, how was I supposed to know? We had to take off our shoes. Le parents decided to sit in the middle of the boat.


Once the 2nd little boat came and people started streaming in, I realized that there were about 20 people on board. The boat started moving but at a slow speed. It was nice and windy.


I was slightly worried about being seasick and being hungry was not helping. However I did not want it to ruin my cruise so I focused my eyes on the sky, the sea and the islands. It was a beautiful sight.

One of the staff announced that we can jump into the sea if we wanted to swim. There was a net by the side of the boat that they can sit on while the boat moves. A few people actually jumped in and it looked so fun.


My father had the chance to be the ‘captain’ for a while. It was so funny videoing him pretending to be a host of a show. I shall upload it here one day! Lol.


Dinner was served at about 6.30 pm. Man, we were starving!


We spent the remainder of the time simply enjoying the sunset. It would have been a nicer experience if they were not blasting outdated songs in the sound system. We were sitting right in front of the speaker so the loud music was giving us a headache. The songs were also not wisely chosen. Imagine playing macarena and some techno song while watching the sunset??? I would have appreciated instrumental music or silence altogether.


I guess travel is like this. Unexpected things happen. I was also a little sea sick. However I did not want to be a whiny so I kept looking at the beautiful sky and sunset. Look how pretty. I wish I had the luxury of time to witness sunsets like this more often back home.

Even though the entire experience had some unpleasant stuffs, I thought it was pretty amazing to be out in the sea watching the sunset. I have witnessed the sunset from different countries and it never fails to amaze me.

I am still thankful for this experience!