Chasing sunrise in Langkawi: Departing from Singapore

30 April 2016

If you read my previous post, you will understand how last minute this entire trip was. I almost thought I could not pull it off. Finding a reasonably priced flight was not easy. I almost canceled my hotel booking but something in me persisted.

So happy to be leaving on Saturday morning. I could not find a direct flight or a transit flight so I bought a flight to KL first. Our flight to Langkawi from KL was going to be at 1.50 pm. I was actually very worried we might be delayed and missed our flight.

My dad, who was oblivious to my turmoil of stress, was already in a holiday mode. That is his holiday hat lol.


We arrived early at the airport because hello, I am paranoid of missing my flight. Let’s just say, once is enough. Quick breakfast.


The coffee bean in Changi Airport’s transit mall is definitely my favourite place to eat. You can enjoy your food and look at the planes descending and ascending in the sky.

Our flight is here! A 15 minutes delay made me even more anxious gosh…everyone, please learn from the Swiss and Japaneses on punctuality.


Finally in the plane. Window seat is love.


Our flight to KL took approximately 45 minutes. We arrived at KLIA2 and even though there was a long queue at the immigration, it was pretty smooth and quick.

We were finally out of immigration at 10.45 am. Looks like we have a lot of time so what else could we do? 2nd breakfast lol.


If you are in Malaysia, never miss the chance to eat their nasi lemak. It is truly the best! I was still full so I settled on the kaya toast while the parents shared a plate of nasi lemak.

Nothing makes us happier than free wifi. We thought we were going to be bored. I always carry a book with me when I travel because not all airport provide free wifi.


2.5 hours of waiting time went by quickly. Since I am travelling with the parents, I did not want to be rushing.


1 hour to Langkawi. This is my 3rd time to Langkawi. I was here about 6 years ago.


This short trip was more of a relax trip so I did not really plan any itinerary. We have finally arrived at Langkawi Airport. Can’t wait to go to our resort!