Feed Your Wanderlust

2016 has been too overwhelming and crazy busy. I do have a very busy day job. By this time last year, I knew which countries I was going to travel to for the entire year. This year, I felt that I have been drowning in work and it was affecting my physical, emotional and mental health.

Last year I went for 2 long trips to Europe and New Zealand and in between I was able to escape to Tioman, Penang and Bangkok. It may seem that I travelled a lot last year but I was merely feeding my wanderlust. I never fail to come back feeling happier and more inspired.

This year, it is different.

I was so desperate for an escape that I decided to go away for short trip. Checked out a few places and made all the bookings. However, since it was only 3 weeks away, I had to pay quite a lot for flight tickets. Ah….lesson learnt, never book for flight at the last minute! Trying to coordinate the timings and seeing the notice ‘no flight available’ was starting to be depressing. A part of me wanted to give up but I honestly felt that I was going berserk with all the happenings here, I had to go away to clear my mind and rejuvenate.

It was so ironic how I was trying to look for a nice place to go relax, yet I was so stressed out making all the arrangements.

Alhamdulilah, all went well and I was able to make all the bookings. This is my happy face at the airport before flying off.


It was only a 3 days 2 night trip but I was able to witness the most beautifully coloured sky upon waking up on the second day there.


Yes, this was the view from our room. I wanted to spend the morning sleeping but I was too amazed by this, I was awake by 6 am and could not go back to sleep.

Some people asked me “But Afni, you can witness this sunrise in Singapore too.”

Right, as if I can see this view from my home. If you don’t already know, Singapore is littered with tall buildings everywhere. I can hardly even see the sky from my place. Seriously.

This was worth all the trouble making the bookings and paying so much more than the usual price. It felt good. It felt right to feed my wanderlust.

I shall write more about this soon!