Happy birthday to March Sotongs! <3

30 March 2016

A mid week gathering with sotongs was just what I needed to perk my week up. It has been an exhausting few weeks and I usually don’t really have a life outside of work on weekdays. I go home to collapse from exhaustion everyday so when the sotongs finally decided to meet on a Wednesday, I thoughts why not!

Rushing like a mad woman to Bedok and so glad I was not the last one to arrive. Lol. Sorry my love! The happy faces that greeted me.


Ok I was actually starving like a cavewoman so give me food!


How long has it been since I last met everyone??? It is so difficult to get the full squad sotongs but this time we are only missing one sotong named Linda.

There is so much to catch up on! It has been too long so we just had to gossip!


Ah, I miss these smiley faces. What can never be captured with the camera are the clumsy acts the ‘sotongness’ that tags along with us each time we meet.


This little sotong who was sitting too far from me decided to hijack my camera.


Ok, only one selfie of herself. She used to take like 20 selfies with different expressions hahaha!! I was going to edit them all to make it funny but oh well….lol.

Oh yes, happy birthday to our 2 March sotongs!!! Looking forever youthful!


As we age, we all want almost the same thing. To stay healthy, happy and lead a meaningful life. We no longer wish for a knight in shining armour, for lots of money and branded bag / shoes etc. Of course, if we do have them, it is an added bonus.


And as we age gracefully together, I hope to see our friendship bloom into a beautiful flowers that shines in colours after a harsh rain. We shall not be so easily trampled, or start to wither when left in the wild.

One wefie for the strong independent sotong women.


I swear I did not blur this photo on purpose. Look how nicely we posed but….. let’s try again.


Much better and clearer but only because it showed the real us!


One last crazy one for Linda who was dearly missed. There was no one to wipe the tables after we were done! Hope you can make it next time dearie. We miss your infectious laughter.

I am so glad we decided to go ahead and meet on a Wednesday. The food was so-so but the company most certainly triumph over the food. Thank you for rejuvenating me mid week! Sotong power!

Till next meet up! Muacks. ❤