Word up!

2 April 2016

You know, I really love my Saturdays because it is usually the time I spend with my love ones. I lead a very hectic life on weekdays so on weekends I really want to take my time to enjoy every minute.

Started my day with zumba at 9 am. I love that I start Saturday with a workout! Today we had to go to TKC to run errands so after le parents picked up the sis in law and my cutie niece we headed to One KM for lunch.


Le brother is not around because he is working…too bad lol.


As usual my niece is easily bored so after sitting down for a while and playing with all the utensil, one of us has to stop eating to entertain her. Since I miss her so much, I volunteered.


She happily walked around the area and touched everything. Because she was too cute, everyone simply let her do whatever she wants lol. I was just worried she might fall. She was so tired by the time we finished eating, she fell asleep with the balloon in her hand lol.


Just a simple early lunch makes me happy. We went home to rest, shower and change and in one hour’s time, I was out again.

Date with the bestie. It is my overdue birthday lunch. How late…but better late than never I guess?


We had read so much about this place but because it was quite a distance from us, we were not able to check it our any sooner. We were too lazy to figure out how to get there so we simply waved our arms and got into a cab. #lazy

I love how creative the menu was! I love how my drink too! It was a hot day!


Chicken for early dinner.


I love how juicy the chicken was! Never mind that I am a fan of chicken in whatever form but this was truly delicious and filling.

Our appetizer was fried mushroom and it was yummmsssssss.


It actually came after the main dish so….I don’t really care about right sequence of eating the food anyway.

We wanted to try more but were too full. Time for dessert. I have been wanting to try the churros! I They come in 3 different flavours and 2 dips! It were all short and tiny, just nice for one bite.


Despite its undesirable location, the cafe was still crowded. I guess the cafe owners understood that good food, good ambiance is the main factor to win people’s hearts.

I love how creative the owners are, using recycled materials and everyday stuffs to decorate their cafe.


Perhaps those are old doors and people were going to throw them out! A quick paint job and dash of quirkiness and tadaaa….pretty!


Thank you to the bestie for always being my faithful makan and travel buddy! ❤

WORD (muslim owned)
906P Upper Thomson Road Singapore 787110
Opening Hours: 11am – 12am (Tue-Sun), Closed Mon