Please take care of our Earth.

Happy Earth Day. You have no idea how passionately and strongly I feel about this day. Wouldn’t it be sad if our children can’t see views like this? Only when you have travelled to these untouched beauties, will you realised how blessed we are to be able to see this kind of views.


When I was at Mount Cook, we could see how the size and shape of the glaciers have changed throughout the years. All because of global warming. The crazy weather that we face nowadays is our own doing. If we keep destroying our Earth, where will our children live in the future?

Play your part. Save energy. Reuse, reduce, recycle. No act is too little to matter. In the mean time, travel. See the beauty of this earth while it last.

Photo taken in Mount Cook, New Zealand, December 2015. Photo was not photoshopped in any way. 🙂