Road tripping around New Zealand Chap 14: Adrenalin rush in Queenstown!

4 December 2015

We are finally here in Queenstown and Effa is the most excited! If you do not already know by now, Queenstown is the ‘must-go’ place in New Zealand if you are looking for thrills and adrenalin rush.

We had already booked to go on the jet boat in advance. We called and booked the 4.30 pm slot from Wanaka and guess what, we were there by 2.30 pm! Since we were super early, we requested to go on the jet boat in advance and the staff made some arrangements immediately. In no time, were all getting ready and dressed to go on our first jet boating experience!



The jet boat ride was expected to take us along a the famous Shotover river and deep into the spectacular Shotover River Canyons. We were instructed to wear these raincoat like coats and a life jacket of course. I shall not lie. I was slightly nervous.


The during experience photo! The ride was extremely thrilling and exciting! I am sorry for yelling my heads off each time the driver did a 360 degrees turn and narrowly missed the boulders along the river. I know sometimes the driver is joking when he says that in case we accidentally fell into the water, he would not be able to save us, but I was still worried lol.

I was so glad we attempted this! The 20 minutes ride most certainly went by too fast! I was scared at first but after a while, it was so exciting, I wanted to go again.


Oh well, next time! You can get more information via their website here. 

We decided to make our way to our hostel to check in and grab some lunch. We were starving from the journey and the jet boat ride. We figured there was still time so we decided to go on another exciting luge ride.


We had to take the gondola up and what greeted us was this gorgeous view of the Queenstown skyline.


You know when everything is too pretty but you just cannot seem to capture it nicely in your camera? Yup, that was exactly how we felt when we were in the gondola ride up.

The view is so spectacular up here! Wow! We were also blessed with good weather!


To get on the luge ride, we had to go further up!


On the way up, we could see the luge track and the so many people who were all going down the track in full speed. I am quite a coward with regards to height so I was a little worried.

Our happy faces and feet dangling in the air on the way up. I cannot believe I was wearing slippers for this.


After we put on our helmets, we were directed to join the ‘first timers’ queue. Before we actually get on the ride, the instructors were giving instructions on how to control the luge. We had to do a quick test on whether the luge works.

I wish I had a gopro on my head while doing this! I was slow and steady but once I got the hang of it and knew for sure I will not fall down to my death at the cliff, I was able to speed through! It was such an exciting ride! The skyline was damn gorgeous but since the luge was moving way too fast for me to capture anything on my camera, I shall remember the intense feeling of excitement!


The view and the entire experience was worth every cent. If you are in Queenstown, this is something you have to try!


Check out the breathtaking view. I don’t think anything else can be more beautiful.

Feeling happy after our rides! We actually went twice.For the first time we did the beginner track so most of the track were on flat land. The second track was more hilly and had more sharp curves. Of course the second track was more exciting. Nevertheless, both experiences were wonderful.


I was actually stuck towards the end because a boy in front of my luge was stuck. I had to give him a hard push with my luge and after I did that, I was stuck too and needed others to push my luge. Lol.

It would have been even more awesome if I did not fall down while getting out of my luge. Safety tip. Check the status of others’ luges behind yours before getting out! I had a nasty fall and cut on my cheek.