Nasi Ambeng Sunday Lunch

21 March 2016

So the brother and the sis in law has been raving about how delicious Nasi Ambeng was and have been bugging me to go try. I usually spend my Sunday afternoons in dance classes but for today, I decided to give that a miss.

Picked up the brothers family and since my time with my little niece is so limited, I had to capture as many photos of her as possible right? This is me trying to take a wefie with her ………………. and photobombed by her parents. Lol.1_zpsacxh5llo

I loveeeeee how she smiles at the camera phone!! Clever girl!

Still feeling fascinated by my phone and kept staring at her own face in it.


We are here at Ambeng Cafe by Ummi Abdullah! We were here even before they opened and there was already a queue.


I love the tall glasses of drinks because it was such a crazy hot day!

Basically Nasi Ambeng is when rice (our staple food) is served in a large tray along with all the basic traditional malay dishes.


A huge tray like this is usually shared between 4 to 5 people. In the olden days, food was served like these because there were no plates. They also believed that eating together like this brings people closer to each other.

Usually we sit on the floor but since we are in a restaurant, it can be a little challenging for everyone to be able to access this tray. Oh well, the dishes were all reasonably delicious. I especially love the daging rendang.

Dessert was the yummy looking goreng pisang cheese. I love the generous portion of grated cheese!


We did short shopping and my niece got herself busy too.


What a simple and lovely day. We went back and ended up taking more selfies together. First lesson from your aunt, how to look good in selfies, lol.


See you next week darling.