Laughters over food and friendships across borders

20 March 2016

This was going to be a really busy weekend for the bestie and me because our friends from overseas will be here in Singapore. Since the internet took over the world, anyone can get themselves connected to anyone from anywhere. We really appreciate our friends from overseas because they never fail to take care of us when we are in their turf so we try our best to do the same here.

Morning breakfast with Bon trying to look vogue here and Bow all the way from Bangkok! Bon was initially my travel mate 2 years ago when we traveled to Europe together. Now she is my kdrama mate, my food pics mate and my random musings mate. I thought we would reunite in Bangkok but oh well, Singapore is good too!


When coffee addicts meet. Simple and light food because we could predict that we will be eating a lot today.


Nothing better than to start Saturday with good food and good company.


This is Bon’s millionth time in Singapore and each time she expressed her intentions to come here, the bestie and me never fail to wonder why. We are such a tiny country and we are bored with all the places of interest here but surprisingly, our friends from overseas often want to come back to Singapore again and again. I figured that both the bestie and me are the biggest attraction to them.

We were walking around Ion and guess what? Our ex-student from SCC days many donkey years ago working as a salesgirl in Sephora!


She was one of the girls from the first ever batch of students we taught thus we are only 10 years apart. It is always so nice to see ex-students all grown up and doing well in their lives.

We left Bon and Bow to do their own shopping and went to meet our other 2 friends from Indonesia. After dinner, we brought them for dessert. This is korean bingsoo! Yes! Korean bingsoo in Singapore.


This place opens till late night. We arrived at 313 Somerset at 10 pm and the place was still crowded.


The bingsoo was so yummy, I am definitely coming back here. It was my first time here too. Actually when we bring friends from overseas to food places here, we usually choose the ones we have yet to visit too. In Singapore, new restaurants and cafes open all the time throughout the year so there is never a shortage of food places here.


Hope you enjoyed your short tip here ladies!! Perhaps next time we can meet in Bandung or Jakarta instead!

Even though our time spent together was short, it never fails to create new pleasant memories. It may looked like we are obsess with taking photos, but what we are only trying to do is to preserve our time together. Since we do not see each other all the time, we really treasure the our times together.

How can we not send our friends off at the airport?


I can’t promise best food or the cheapest shopping experience here but what I can promise is a wonderful time together and pretty photos of everyone captured by my camera lens.

When you look back at these photos, you will remember the good times and it will bring back that familiar smile to your face.

Let’s reunite over food and good times soon! Singapore, Bangkok, Bandung, Jakarta or perhaps Europe? Anywhere are possible.

O’ma Spoon Korean Dessert Café
313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road #04-20/32 Singapore 238895 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 11:30am – 12am (Fri-Sat)