Breathe (by the beach)

18 March 2016

It is Friday and while most people celebrate that they are closer to the weekend, we were different. It indicated that our one week break was almost coming to an end. I have been wanting to go cycling at East Coast Park for the longest time but my hectic schedule usually does not allow me to. Have you ever experienced that? Wanting to do something but life kept you busy and tired all the time.

If not now, then when?


I expressed my intentions to go cycling alone to the bestie because I was feeling overwhelmed by stress and she decided to join me instead.


How sweet, but I think she thought I was emo and suicidal so that was why she wanted to tag along. She is never a friend of the sun and heat so I never thought she would want to come with me. Lol.

We arrived at East Coast Park at 8 am. We wanted to come earlier to avoid the sun but were unavoidably late. Anything that helps me to relax my mind is therapy. It is important to do therapeutic activities for myself once a while. My brain is often too hyperactive and I have problems trying to relax. Cycling by the beach is a great way to take my mind off all worries.


There is just something about being close to the sand, trees, sea and the vast sky that will somehow heal whatever pain you are feeling inside you. …..temporarily anyway.

We cycled all the way to Bedok jetty and believe it or not, it was my first time there in my entire life. I had no idea that we could see the fishes swimming in the sea from Bedok Jetty. There were so many people fishing and I really salute them for being there waiting patiently under the scorching hot sun.


I wish we could sit by the sea and enjoy the sea breeze longer but the sun was truly too hot. Behind these smiles, we were actually craving for a bucket of ice to be poured over our heads.


Thank you bestie for coming with me! It is always nice to have some company so that the public will not think I am weird when I am talking to myself.


I am thankful for the clean beach we have here! Cleanliness is truly everyone’s responsibility.  I am also grateful that we have this place to go to whenever we feel suffocated being in the concrete jungle.


Someone once told me that whenever you feel stressed, go somewhere quiet and simply admire mother nature. You will soon realize that you are one tiny being in this universe and so are the size of your problems.


I should have done this earlier. It was a wonderful and fruitful 2 hours spent cycling away and feeling the breeze brush off my face. I wish I had worn my knee guard though. My knees are not exactly in the best condition. Another reminder that life is too short and we are all aging every minute.

All the more to live life to the fullest. Never wait to do the things you can do today.


Breakfast after all the fat burning we did. I think we truly deserve it.