Food Galore in Johore Bahru

16 March 2016

It was a last minute decision to go to Johore Bahru. I have not been there in ages mainly because I really hate going through the traffic jam. The traffic jam could last from 2 to 3 hours and I honestly thought it waste of time.

However, le family wanted to spend the day in JB since it was an off day for both le dad and le brother. They usually go to JB on Wednesdays as there are lesser chance to be stuck in the traffic jam. Since I was on holidays today, I decided to tag along. Furthermore, I was looking forward to spending time with my little niece.

Quick breakfast before leaving the house. Coffee is a must.


The four of us sitting at the back of the car. It was warm and sunny day!


We were actually stuck in the traffic for 3 hours before finally entering JB. It must the school holidays and Singaporeans are all going into Malaysia for a vacation.

I had to entertain myself and entertain my little niece was who getting bored.


The cutest. She is slowly getting the hang of taking selfies lol.

Our first destination is to head to Kilang Bateri (Battery Factory) which was the latest ‘happening’ place in JB. It was reviewed as a colourful, hipster styled place with lots of food options.

It was a really hot day, so the first thing we did when we arrived was to get this uniquely packaged drinks called ‘Overdose’. We were dying of thirst from the heat and these were cold and perfect.


We were also starving so we wanted to get lunch. Some of the shops in the huge food court. We had trouble deciding where to sit because all the food from the different stalls looks deliciously tempting.


My lunch!! I had 2 little bowls of noodles prior to these plate of yummy chicken.


Happy faces with food.


A must have. Dessert. This crispy goreng pisang (fried banana fritters) with chocolate rice and cheese was so delicious!!! I love how the banana fritters were cut thinly so it would be extra crispy.


More desserts to go. We were full and there was no way we could eat more.

Colourful puddings in glass bottle. Who came up with this idea was a genius.


Ice cream because the weather was hot. #excuses


There were so many options for food and the prices were pretty low and reasonable. My only complain about this place is that it is not air-conditioned. When we arrived at 2 pm and it was scorching hot outside and it was equally warm inside the building. Sure they had fans all over the place but the warm air unfortunately circulates at the same places.

We had initially wanted to shop for a while but the heat was unbearable so we decided to leave.


The famous cup chai stall was about to open at 3.30 pm. I love how nicely decorated this place was. Perhaps it would be better to visit this place at night. I am sure the lights and the colourful deco will make this entire place even more vibrant. Most importantly, it would be cooler at night.

Getting to leave. My little niece was happy she was temporarily in the driver’s seat.


We arrived at Aeon Bukit Indah Mall and were relieved with the air conditioning. Global warming is real.

The time here was spent doing a relaxing foot spa. It was my first time and I have never felt my feet so smooth! Thanks to my sis in law for recommending this.


After some shopping, we grabbed dinner. Most of the stalls were closing so our choices were limited.


Oh well, it was still yummy especially when I was hungry! All the heat and the walking must have burned all the food in my tummy from lunch lol.

I had an enjoyable day! My niece was having a great time at the playground and we had a hard time trying to get her off the playground lol. Till next time!! I would definitely love to come here again to explore more food but hopefully next time, I do not have to spend 3 hours in the traffic jam.